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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 546: Little Shawl

“How dare you order me?” Stanford voice deepened and he looked dead serious. He swept a glance at everyone; his sight was as cold as a sharp knife that pierced through bones. He stood up suddenly and approached them. “Have I been so gentle lately that all of you dare to betray and lie to me?” They trembled. They were just suggesting, perhaps the tone was a little heavy, but was that such a big deal? “Mr. Fraser, we…” They wanted to explain but were interrupted by Stanford's sudden attacks. His attacks were quick and sharp. But the guards were experienced fighters too, their reflect were quick and started to defend themselves, the group fought inside the carrier. Phoebe watched what happened in shock. Why did they fight out of a sudden? And when Stanford mentioned about lied, it was her. She was the one that lied to him. The way he hit the guards were more like treating them as his sandbags. One could tell how infuriated he was by only looking at how hard his punches were. It seemed like she had really offended Stanford. She felt so depressed thinking about this. After a while, the plane had finally resumed its quietness. Stanford tidied up his messy clothes and sat back on his seat coldly. While the guards were all over the place covered with blood, they didn’t even have the energy to stand up. One of the guards that could still speak asked. “Mr. Fraser, why did you beat us up? You didn’t plan to go to the Turner?” Realizing the flight route was not heading to Farnfoss City, Stanford beat them down without hesitation. Obviously, he intended to kill and destroy the evidence. Stanford looked out of the window in silence, he completely ignored them. At this moment, a click sound was heard. When the guards looked over, they saw that the handcuff on Ernest’s hands was easily unlocked by him. And he threw it aside casually as if he had done it countless times. The guards were astonished, they then realized that there were trapped

Her face turned white and her body was frozen like wood. Benjamin looked at her in satisfaction, his hands touched her shoulders and he said. “Your dress is too thin, you’ll feel cold

. Bring the shawl. ” “Here it is. ” The maid immediately came forward bringing the shawl with her. Benjamin took the shawl over and put it onto Florence gently. Florence frowned in disgust; she felt that everything he touched was filthy. In addition, the weather was hot here; she didn’t need a fleece shawl. “I don’t need it. ” She pushed the shawl away. But Benjamin avoided her push swiftly and forced the shawl on her shoulders. He was gentle but stern. “Flory, don’t go against me. ” It was a threat. Florence felt even more disgusted, she was forced to get married now, and not even have the right to choose what to wear? She stretched her hands to pull the shawl. And she was shocked to find that it was tied dead on her shoulders by Benjamin. The way he tied the knot was the same as the knot tied on Clarence on the boat, she couldn’t untie it, pulling would only tighten it. Florence was extremely annoyed, “It was just a shawl, is it even necessary?” Benjamin smiled looking at the white shawl, his smile was creepy. “Flory, don’t damage this shawl, or else I might punish you for it. ” Florence stunned, she was indeed thinking about cutting it off with a knife. Benjamin’s hands landed on Florence’s shoulders again and smiled in satisfaction. His sight fell onto the white shawl at last and smiled even deeper. “Alright my beautiful bride, let’s go for our vows. ” Florence fell into a deep void of desperation hearing this. It was time. She turned and saw the door opened, the floor was covered with red carpet and flowers pedals, it was gorgeous, her gorgeous dead end