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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 421: Live for You and Die for you

Florence was scared and widened her eyes. She didn’t care about other things anymore and pulled out the transfusion needle in her arm. Flustered, she ran to Ernest and protected him behind her. The gun was now pointing at her. Florence had never been so close to a gun before and her heart wrenched uncontrollably when she looked at the thrilling muzzle. She felt frightened. But she couldn’t step backward, because she had to protect the man behind her. “Brother, if you want to kill him, kill me first. ” With a pale face, Florence suppressed her fear and glared at Stanford. Stanford was startled and shivered, almost trigger the gun. He hurriedly pointed the gun at the other place and looked at Florence angrily, “Are you crazy? Do you know that this is a gun? If it goes of accidently, you will die. ” “Killing him is killing me. ” Florence replied indocily, refusing to make a slight concession. ” She stretched her arms to protect Ernest behind her, like an eagle that was protecting its child. Ernest fixed his eyes on the woman in front of him with a flash of weird emotion flashing across his eyes. This was the first time that someone stood in front of him and protected him regardless of everything else. Ernest felt weird and touched. Although his woman looked weak, she was indeed a fearless stubborn woman, which made him feel both shocked and delighted. Stanford almost went bananas. Hi hand that was holding the gun shivered slightly and he tried hard to suppress his anger and his impulse to kill someone. Indeed he killed people before, but he was quite decisive and swift when he killed them. But now, almost lost control of himself… With turbulent anger in Stanford’s eyes, he looked gloomy and ferocious. He said in a low voice as if he was threatening Florence, “Flory, step aside. ” No matter what, he had to kill Ernest today because he was a disaster for Florence and he would not allow him to seduce Florence any longer. He would rather to apologize to Florence after this than seeing her repeat the mistake and even sacrifice her life for the sake of Ernest. Florence had never seen such a ferocious expression on Stanford’s face. He looked extremely dangerous at the moment and looked like a fierce wolf that would never stop once he started the attack. Florence was very scared and she didn’t dare to step aside. Although her voice was trembling, she was quite resolute, “I won’t. I won’t step aside even if I will die!” Holding Ernest’s hand, Florence stepped backward anxiously, her face ghastly. Ernest narrowed his eyes and landed his gaze on Florence. He patted her tensed shoulder. “Step aside

His gaze was cold and ferocious. And there was obvious killing intention in his eyes. “Florence is young, so you can fool her

. But I won’t. Now that you insist on pestering my sister, I have to kill you to prevent all the other possible troubles. Narrowing his eyes, Stanford triggered the gun without hesitation. A gunshot rang out. Florence felt it almost perforating her eardrum. Her face instantly became pale and she looked at Ernest, trembling. It seemed like time stopped at this moment. Stanford really shot at Ernest!Then Ernest…But Florence had lost her voice and she couldn’t utter even a syllable. Her mind had totally gone blank. The bullet aimed towards Ernest in an extremely high speed. Ernest pressed his thin lips together. He looked expressionless but he quickly leaned to one side at the critical moment. The bullet grazed the tip of his nose and inserted into the wall behind him. Seeing that Ernest was safe and sound, Florence suddenly lost all her strength and slummed down onto the ground feebly. She was freaked out just now and thought that Ernest would die. The two men who were confining Florence felt so shocked when they saw this that they forgot to pull Florence. They couldn’t believe it and wondered how Ernest managed to evade the bullet at such a short instance. His speed was really high and was he really a human being?Stanford was also shocked. He was resolute to kill Ernest just now, but he hadn’t expected that Ernest would dodge the bullet. It seemed like that he had underestimated Ernest before. Stanford snorted, “You can dodge it for once, but let me see whether you can dodge it again or not. ”After finishing the words, he held up the gun and shot at Ernest again. Florence was freaked out and her mind totally went blank. Out of instinct, she quickly stood up from the ground and rushed towards Ernest. “Florence, be careful!” Ernest’s expression changed dramatically. He himself could dodge Stanford’s bullet, but Florence’s couldn’t. He didn’t care about anything else and abruptly stepped forward to pull Florence into his arms. He pressed her tightly in his embrace with his back to Stanford. He exposed his whole back to his enemy