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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 88: Look for a Lucky Day and Be Ready to Get Married

“Can, it is good for our body. ” It was only afternoon, these dishes did not serve the purpose to boost the function of those body parts. Florence was relieved then. Georgia smiled happily when she saw their intimate pattern. For some young couples, no matter how week the relation was between them and they did not want to be together before, after they had sex, they would accept each other subconsciously. Georgia smiled contentedly and said slowly, “Ernest, Florence, both of you have engaged for a month already, right?” “Today is the 45th day. ” Ernest responded softly, the number was so accurate. Florence was stunned and curved her lips. Initially, they planned to break off their engagement after a month but they had procrastinated it for half a month. They still had not cancelled their engagement yet… She was disconsolate. Georgia looked at Florence’s expression, she thought that Florence was just shy and smiled amiably. “Both of you seem to get along harmoniously and have a stable relationship. It is time for you to prepare for your wedding. ” “Ah?” Florence was dumbfounded and opened her eyes big, she was panicked. ‘That’s not going to work. ’ She looked at Ernest instantly and pulled his clothes under the table to give him a hint so that he objected quickly. ‘It is better if they can tell the truth that they want to cancel their engagement at this moment…’ Ernest showed a deep sight when he saw her action. He showed an unpleasant expression and bit his lips, said, “We will follow grandma’s instruction. ” Florence was speechless. She was startled, ‘Why doesn’t Ernest object?’ ‘It is not similar to engagement; it is a marriage with her. ’ Georgia nodded satisfyingly and said, “I will choose a lucky day from the calendar to see which day is more suitable to hold a wedding. ” “Mrs Hawkins. ” Just then, a clear voice was heard. Gemma Marlon wore a white dress with lace and a pair of high heels. She held a few expensive gift bags and walked towards them gracefully. A smile could be seen on her pretty face, she looked so charming and amiable. “Mrs Hawkins, I hear that you’re sick, so I come and visit you. Do you feel better now? How is your body?” Her expression and tone showed that she was concerned about Georgia sincerely. Georgia looked at Gemma and smiled amiably, waved to Gemma. “I’m fine, why do you come? Come and have a sit

”Florence hesitated, she said instantly later, “Will I disturb them?”Georgia smiled, “They’re just discussing something, you will not disturb them. Just go. ”After she said those words, the smart steward prepared the tray and passed it to Florence

. Florence did not dare to object to Georgia when she looked at her amiable sights. She should do it to prevent Georgia from thinking too much and suspecting. She held the tray and walked towards the study room, she was perplexed and nervous. ‘They do not have the space that belongs to them easily, maybe they are grabbing the time and doing something intimate now. It seems not so good that she enters…’But Georgia looked at her from downstairs, she had to enter with the tray of dessert. After hesitating for a long time, Florence walked to the study room at a slow pace. She looked at the tightly closed door, took a deep breath and knocked the door boldly. “Knock, knock. ”Her knocking sound was soft; it was so soft that others would not notice it. But a good-listening male voice was heard from inside. “Come in. ”Florence bit her teeth and opened the door boldly. She was afraid that she would see something inappropriate; she kept looking at the floor and walked straight towards the table. “Mrs. Hawkins asked me to send some dessert for you. ”“Watch out. ”Ernest warned her softly, his voice showed his worry slightly. Florence was stunned and raised her head. She found that she had walked the wrong way, the table was not there. She was embarrassed and turned her head, she could see the condition inside the room clearly. Ernest sat gracefully behind his table, his posture was dignified whereas Gemma sat faraway on the sofa, she was pretty but her eyes reddened, she seemed to feel wronged. It was not the same as what she thought about the intimate scene…Gemma looked up at Florence, her reddened eyes revealed her misery and a sense of perplexity. Florence felt uneasy. All of a sudden, she could understand Gemma’s emotion.