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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 365: Lord Wendell

Shortly, the door of the other side was pulled open. A gorgeous woman stepped out. She was wearing a longuette, the hemline of which reached the floor. Gracefully and nobly, she walked to Ernest’s side step by step. Then she gently took his arm. She stared at the man standing next to her tenderly, the affection in her eyes almost bursting out. All the attendees understood right away. It turned out that the handsome man had his date. They were lovers. Other women couldn’t help but disappoint. How could such an excellent man belong to another woman? Although they were still interested in Ernest and wished that they could gain his heart, they had to give up because they still had their rock bottoms -- they wouldn’t do such an immoral thing to snatch another women’s boyfriend. At this moment, Gemma was overjoyed. Under the envious, jealous, and hateful gazes, she felt highly self-esteemed as if she was truly Ernest’s girlfriend now. “Ernest, shall we go in?” Gemma stared at Ernest tenderly, her voice so gentle. Ernest still looked aloof and cold, frowning slightly. Except for Florence, he couldn’t get used to having a woman so close to him. Even Gemma was just holding his arm now, he felt quite disgusted. However, today, he needed to use Gemma. Pressing his thin lips, Ernest strode towards the hall. He looked straight as if he was a cube of walking ice. Although Gemma was standing next to him and holding his arm at such an intimate distance, she still felt that they were quite far away from each other. They were physically close but mentally distanced. Gemma felt dizzy, hearing others’ discussions again. “The handsome man looked so cold without looking at his date. I don’t think they are lovers. ” “Exactly. Lovers wouldn’t be so distanced from each other. ” “Then she was just his date. That’s great! We have the chance again! In the banquet later, I will definitely ask him for his cell phone. ” The obsessive gazes that were withdrawn just now were glued on Ernest again. Hearing their discussions, Gemma looked so annoyed. How shameless those women were! How could they covet Ernest? Gemma told herself that she wouldn’t give them any chances. It would be her last chance today. She must use all her means and gain Ernest’s heart back. At the thought of it, Gemma held Ernest’s arm more tightly. She tried to rub her plump bosom against his arm

Then they asked, “Miss, this gentleman and you don’t look like lovers. ” How could a boyfriend be so cold to his girlfriend? Their doubtful gazes displeased Gemma a lot. She looked at Ernest, who still looked quite aloof, but he didn’t retort her

. She became bolder. “My boyfriend was born like this. He’s always expressionless. Even he dotes me, he wouldn’t show it on his face. Of course, on this occasion, I wouldn’t lie about our relationship, would I?” said Gemma proudly. As she spoke, she got closer to Ernest a bit, standing next to him. The woman looked quite annoyed. Looking at Ernest reluctantly, they found him look indifferently, but he didn’t deny what Gemma had said. Since he didn’t retort, they took it as the acquiescence. They didn’t expect that the man and the woman who looked super unmatched turned out to be lovers for real. They became so disappointed. “Nice to meet you guys. I wish you all the best. ”As they spoke, they raised their glasses for a toast. Gemma’s smile became brighter. Elegantly, she raised her glass and clinked their glasses politely. Ernest stood aside with a cold face as if things happened in his presence had nothing to do with him. He fully concentrated on the whole banquet, waiting for Lord Wendell to show up. The group of women left in disappointment. Since they failed, for a moment, no other women came over to bother Ernest again. Shortly after, when almost all the guests had arrived, the birthday man finally showed up. It was a gray-haired old man, his face full of wrinkles. But he looked quite spirited with sharp eyes. With an easy-going smile, he kept a low key, looking like a graceful and kind grandfather. “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending my birthday banquet today. Please suit yourselves and have fun. ”After a short kick-off speech, he activated the atmosphere. A lot of guests echoed, walking to Lord Wendell to propose toasts and congratulate him. Ernest’s gaze became sharp, staring at Lord Wendell without a blink. As mentioned in the information, he indeed looked like a normal nobleman. However, there were so many hidden secrets under his friendly smile