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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 494: Love Was Like a War

Not too hard, not too soft either, it was quite comfortable. Florence’s lips lifted. Ernest was quite good at choosing a sofa, this would be comfortable enough for him to sleep on. It was good. Florence then ready to sit up but felt a small pushed at her back. This sofa had a massage function? Florence was amazed, she laid down again. And she felt several small punches on her waist again. Her waist. She felt nice. After a few punches, it turned into the shape of a palm and it fell right on Florence’s waist. And the sofa massaged her waist softly but it felt more like touches from a lover than massage. The touches were not fixed in one location, it then moved down to her bottom and squeezed. Florence felt provoked and embarrassed out of a sudden. This was not massaged this was… She looked up and saw Ernest looking at her with a half smiley face. It was obvious that he knew about this sofa and was watching her reactions. Florence was embarrassed to death now. She jumped out of the sofa immediately and shouted angrily, “You…Why did you buy such a sofa?” She didn’t even know that such a sofa existed, this wasn’t for people to sit, it was an adult tool. Florence had finally realized why did Stanford looking at her so strangely knowing that she liked this sofa and the reaction from Tammy too. So everyone thought she liked this kind of sofa. Her name, her reputation was all damaged by Ernest. Ernest smiled and walked towards her

Stanford swept a glance at him and poured himself a full glass of wine. He bottomed up the glass, put it down and frowned. “Flory… Sigh…” Collin poured himself a glass too, had a sip and asked

. “What’s with Flory?” Stanford looked worried; he hesitated before turning to Collin. “Her relationship with Clarence is not official yet, but they wanted to do it…” He moved his lips; he wanted to but couldn’t describe it with words. “I don’t object and it’s an open-minded society now, but what’s so attractive about Clarence that Flory is so eager. ” “Clarence has a clean background and loves Florence, aren’t you still watching him and supported them as a couple? Why? Do you have a change of mind? You don’t want him as a brother in law?” Stanford shook, “I just feel odd, but I didn’t know where the problem is. ” “Example?” “Flory acted like a stranger in front of Clarence a few days back. But since they came back from the woods, they become intimate, inseparable, it was particularly obvious that Flory can’t take her eyes off him. ” Stanford frowned but his eyes were sharp. “Flory acted completely different, even if they argued a few days ago, but how could they become so intimate in a blink of an eye? She acted like it was two different people. ” Collin smiled hearing Stanford. He looked at Stanford smiley, “So, you are suspecting something?” “It may seem like there is no problem between them, but speaking from my experience, there is something wrong between them,” Stanford replied seriously. He had to take it seriously when it came to Florence. Collin laughed out and teased, “Mr. Fraser, you have not once been in a relationship in your life and had never even fallen for any woman. You don’t have any experience in a romantic relationship, what experience did you base on when commenting on a couple in love? Your war or fighting experience?”Stanford swallowed his saliva. He defended, “Love was like a war, same theory. ” “My dear, it’s completely the opposite. ” Collin smiled and his eyes and tone were full of tease