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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 58: Lovers?

Florence blushed, “Not that much. ” Everyone present there was smart and sophisticated, they silently paid attention to the atmosphere between Ernest and Florence. Even if they showed nothing on the outside, but their feelings really kept people making wild guesses. After some estimations, a high leveled senior took the initiative to and raised her wine glass towards Florence. “Ms. Fraser, congrats for getting the first place tonight, let me offer you a toast. ” Another toast! Florence felt scared as she looked at her wine glass, but she just couldn't refuse. Then Florence smiled as she raised her wine glass to have the toast. At that time, a white and slender hand blocked her wine glass. Ernest glanced at everyone at that place before saying, “Since Florence is the contestant, then Florence should offer the toast. Florence, go and offer the toast to everyone. ” She needed to start first, and to everyone there, it would mean that she will just need to drink one glass of wine for the next round. Florence understood what Ernest meant, and it made her feel warm at heart. “Dear Seniors, thank you for all the support, let me offer this toast for everyone. ” Florence stood up and raised her wine glass. Even if they were all high leveled seniors, but they all stood up with respect and toasted to Florence's glass one by one. The doubts that everyone had before were confirmed, Ernest and Florence must have some kind of relationship, and otherwise the superior Mr. Hawkins would not say anything to help her out. Soon after, everyone had their own thoughts when they talk to Florence. Seeing that it was almost done, Florence stood up and said goodbye, “Dear Seniors, please eat and drink leisurely, I'll be going back to the room first. ” Florence smiled politely as she left. Right when she walked out the door, Ernest also stood up without even looking at people on the table; he just walked out with his long legs. Once Ernest left, the scene immediately became lively again. “Who knows what's the relationship between Mr. Hawkins and Florence?” “Else than Mr. Hawkins' fiancée which was set by his family, we have never heard of another woman beside Mr. Hawkins. ” “In conclusion, Florence and Mr. Hawkins must have a special relationship, from now own, even if we don't help her, we absolutely can’t trouble her

Like she didn't think of anything, Florence buried her head on Ernest' bosom. The woman that was going to break free from him suddenly hugged him, Ernest's tall body slightly stiffened but there was a glimmer of light flashing through his eyes. He looked down at her little head and teased her

. “What, you're throwing yourself into my arms?” Florence blushed and her cheeks, “Umm, please cover me up. ” The two women noticed the lovers, which were not far from them, so they sped up their steps while whispering, “Let's walk faster, there are lovers here. ” The lovers were being lovey-dovey; of course, as the third wheels, they would want to quickly leave. After hearing that, Florence blushed to her ears. She held Ernest's hands, which were burning hot. They finally heard the two women's footsteps getting further away, Florence immediately wanted to push Ernest away, “Sorry. ”Before she finished speaking, they heard another woman's panic voice. “Cooper, I'm sorry, I really went to take some hangover medicine for Florence, then I forgot her at the toilet. ”Florence's body suddenly became stiff, and then she buried her head back into Ernest's chest. No need to see, she knew that it's Cooper and the designer that went to the toilet with her. Florence was really in a bad mood, how could she meet so many people how could they run into so many people in this corridor?“Shut up, if anything happens to her, I won't let you get away with it. ”Cooper berated and walked very quickly, but then he suddenly stopped when he saw the two hugging. He squinted at them, like he felt that they look familiar. The woman beside Cooper asked, “Why are you stopping? What are you looking at, they're just lovers, do you know them?”Florence suddenly became nervous, did Cooper recognize her?They were hugging so intimately, how would she explain it?She just fell into his arms and hadn't got up for the moment? No one would believe it. While thinking of that, she buried her head deeper into Ernest's chest, like a turtle. Ernest kept looking at the little head in his embrace, his eyes glistening with a smile. He stretched his hand out and lifted her little head. “Since he's already suspicious, we should act all out. ”After saying that, he suddenly kissed her pink lips. “Umph!”Florence opened her eyes wide and her mind went blank in an instant. H-he's kissing her at that place?!Cooper and the colleague were not far from them, if they saw her and Ernest, she would never be able to explain everything clearly. Florence wanted to struggle out of panic but Ernest's arm already held her waist, his strong arm made it impossible for her to resist from his domineering hug. The distance between them was so close like they were intertwined. They kissed so passionately. Florence was dizzy from the start, she suddenly couldn't think of anything and the only thing left in her mind was the lingering kiss