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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 109: Make a Match

He was an excellent and also gentle man. If she was together with him, she would be cherished by him greatly and melted by his mellow personality. It must be joyous to be his girlfriend. However, when she was faced with Cooper, an image of Ernest’s face flashed across Florence’s mind subconsciously. His face was outlandishly handsome, and he had this extremely untouchable noble aura which extinguished all kinds of longing and illusions. At the same time, he ignited a rare sense of hatred in others too. A surge of anger suddenly appeared in her heart, and Florence was no longer in the mood to drag this nonsense out any further. She looked at Cooper and answered seriously, “Cooper, I only see you as my friend, and this will stay the same in the…” “Flory, I don’t want your answer now. ” Cooper interrupted Florence with a determined expression. He stared at her straight, and his eyes were unwavering. It was only after he had almost lost her that he understood completely how precious it was for him to be able to love her completely and openly. As long as she was still single, he didn’t have any reason to give up yet. Florence was pursing her lips. Even if he didn’t want her to answer yet, Cooper knew very well what she was thinking. Before long, he would be able to accept the answer. In the Senna International Community, the lighting was flooding the sea of flowers in the backyard. The mesh of colours made the whole place look extremely beautiful and romantic. However, at the moment, the atmosphere there wasn’t the least bit romantic. The air itself had frozen over. Ernest was rooted to a spot, and his handsome face looked hideous at the moment. He was exuding an icy vibe, which was very intimidating. Even in that condition, a daredevil was taking step after step towards him. Harold stopped short when he was three metres away from Ernest. He began carefully, “Ernest, don’t feel dejected just yet. You can only win over a woman by chasing after her. This is the first time you have failed, and you still have some ways to go. Failure is necessary for future successes. Your potential wife is so pretty, so of course you would have to go through some hardships in order to bring her home. ” Ernest felt even colder right now. Without paying any heed to Harold, he marched into the villa. Harold let out a sigh as he watched Ernest’s distant silhouette. He never thought that Ernest would be rejected by Florence. This was Ernest first time loving a woman in his life

” Afraid that Ernest would slash him into pieces, Harold didn’t dare to stay here for another minute. He began to make his way to the garage. At this moment, another pair of legs surpassed him as someone walked towards the garage with such ease

. Harold was stunned as he watched Ernest’s back. “Ernest, where are you going?” “I’m hungry. ”Ernest answered coldly as he continued to head towards the garage without stopping. Harold froze for a few seconds, and only after that he finally came back to his senses. Hungry? Supper? It turned out that Ernest was going to listen to Jacob’s story after all. Harold revealed a playful laugh akin to a fox’s as he thought that no matter how witty a guy was, he wouldn’t be able to use his resourcefulness and reason in matters concerning relationships. After getting on the car, the two of them didn’t confirm their destinations with words as they both headed to the supper shop in the new street. While on the way, Harold had thought up a few methods to ignite a spark between Ernest and Florence. Even if they didn’t work, it would still shake Florence a little. This supper shop was a very common type by the side of the street. It was a moderate place that catered to the masses, and it had a suitable environment. There was a crowd thronging the place. In the past, Ernest would never visit such a place. He looked at the shop with a disgruntled look, “Can’t I just takeaway if I want to eat lobster?”After pausing a little, he added in a commanding tone, “Tell them to change into another place. ”Harold who was walking into the stop felt an imminent danger. It was not easy to lure Ernest to this place, so how could he just let Ernest walk away just like that?The lobster and their brothers were not the important thing here. The most important aspect of their plan was Florence who was inside the shop. “The lobster won’t taste good if you are going to take-away. Furthermore, Jacob has already arrived, and I bet he has already started his story. ”A flicker appeared on Ernest’s face as he marched into the shop with a darkened face. Harold finally let out a sigh of relief. He hurriedly followed Ernest and entered the hall. He immediately scanned the customers enjoying their meals there, and in no time, he was able to spot someone familiar. It was Phoebe Jenkins. Tonight, Phoebe came here with Florence. If Phoebe was present on one of the tables, it meant Florence must be with her too. Harold immediately headed in Phoebe’s direction as he announced, “Our suite is there. ”Ernest didn’t suspect anything as he moved forward without blinking with his face an icy figure