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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 680: Make Out with You

Although it was inconvenient with one hand for Ernest, he was still extremely efficient in his work with his right hand alone. He took care of the sleeping bag and the heating in the tent. When Florence came into the tent, she felt that the season seemed to have suddenly turned from winter into spring. She felt warm. "Hold this. " Ernest shoved a small hand warmer into Florence's hand. The warmth from her palm made her felt so comfortable that she wanted to sing. She looked at Ernest with surprise, "How did you make this hot?" Didn’t the warmer need charging to heat up? She was curious that since he had even brought hand warmer in his backpack, wouldn’t his backpack be too heavy? Ernest answered blandly, "It will heat up by itself. " He did not mention that this was also the result of his research these few days to avoid sudden emergency. Florence looked at the hand warmer in her hand and was astonished. "The person who made this is awesome. I must find the designer when I go back and thank him well. " In the case of inconvenient situation for charging, it resembled an instant lunch box. It heated up by itself and had radiated warmth to keep people alive during extreme cold. Ernest let out a smile and his eyes gleamed when he heard her words. "How do you want to thank him?" he rumbled. Florence, with a smile on her face, said without thinking, "I’ll give him gifts and big honorary banners, and maybe help him sell the product for free if I can. " She could help selling that especially in cold places. Ernest pursed his lips and did not look very satisfied, "He’s rich and he doesn't need these. " Florence froze. She then realized, indeed, if the person was a big entrepreneur or inventor, he would not need this money at all. She hesitated a little. "Well, then I’ll, I’ll. " She had no idea what else she could do. They were strangers to each other after all. "Then forget it. " She was a little depressed. "I’ll just ask someone to help sell this hand warmer in silence. " She did not have to thank him in person anyway. Florence was very free and easy in making her decision, but Ernest who was next to her and was full of hope pulled his face in an instant. That's it? She gave up just like that? "Florence, you have to finish something when you’ve started it. When you’ve made your decision, you can't give up easily. You said you want to thank him, then thank him well. " Ernest spoke solemnly

However, she happened to react with hindsight amidst confusion. What Ernest meant by she was going to thank him after all, could it be it was him?! As soon as this thought popped out, everything Ernest said became reasonable. It was him who made the hand warmer, and that was why he was inducing her to thank him!Usually, if she said that she wanted to thank someone, he would take care of it directly

. He would claim that it would be fine to let him do the job. Yet it was only different this time. Having understood she had fallen into Ernest's trap, Florence knew she no longer had the opportunity to struggle and escape. Before she realized, she had been suppressed on the sleeping bag by him. His weight and breath were like a mountain which confined and crushed her. Florence was resisting a little in the first place, yet she slowly gave in. It was the third day today. They were kissing so deeply and madly that they lost their mind. They only wanted to sink themselves into the bottom of the sea of love and never float to the surface. But as Ernest took Florence's clothes off, the cold made Florence uncontrollably shuddered, and most of Ernest's burning lust was extinguished at once. Although the tent was warm and had been kept away from cold, the weather there was too low, and the temperature in the tent would not be too high. It would still be chilly. If they had taken off their clothes and had sex there, Florence would catch a cold easily due to her weak body. Moreover, since it was an emergency sleeping bag and it was separated, they could not sleep together. If they had done the business, he was afraid that their skin would crack even if they were not frozen to death. "Fine. I’ll enjoy the return of favour some other day. "Ernest rumbled. He immediately covered Florence with the clothes he took off just now once more. Florence who was lying on the sleeping bag was dumbfounded. The sudden cold and Ernest getting up made her regained her mind. But her body sensation came back faster than her soul. She snatched the corner of Ernest's shirt tightly. Her eyes twinkled, but her attitude was resolute. "Let’s do it. "Her simple three words resembled a silent invitation. Ernest’s extinguished lust almost broke out again as he faced her shiny eyes. He forcibly restrained the surging of desire in his body and patted her on the head. "Don’t be so anxious in having sex with me. I'll do it with you after two days, my dear. "