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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 107: Marry Me, Florence

Although Florence already had some mental preparations before, she still felt greatly uncomfortable as if something had stuck in her chest. Her tone of voice was neither enthusiastic nor indifferent. “Say it, I’ll help if I can. ” Gemma put down her coffee. She suddenly extended her hands and gripped Florence’s hand. Her eyes were brimmed with pleading and sincerity. “I hope you could marry Ernest and be my surrogate. ” Florence froze and she looked at Gemma in disbelief. She wanted her to marry Ernest and be her surrogate? She ruined her marriage and she even wanted her to give birth to a child that did not belong to her? Who do they think she is? Florence tossed her hands away with a gloomy look. “Sorry, I can’t help you. ” “Flory, I’m sorry, I know it’s very abrupt to say this, but Ernest and I are out of ways. You’re his fiancée and the best candidate of marrying him, plus, I only trust you. ” Gemma stared at her with a pitiful look and every word she said sounded sincere and tragic. Yet her words sounded sarcastic and embarrassing in Florence’s ears. “Go find someone else. ” Without saying anything further, she stood up, took her purse and headed out. She even tossed down the cash to pay the bill when she reached the exit. “Flory, I beg you, please help us,” Gemma said with a sorrowful tone, trying to make her stay, yet she was watching Florence left expressionlessly and there was even a smile of victory on her face. Besides her, no one was eligible to marry Ernest. Florence was burning with rage yet there was inexplicable disappointment. It turned out in Ernest’s heart, she was a good-like existence for sale. Yet she was a human, a living human with flesh and emotions. Her phone rang when she was in the middle of rage. The call was from Ernest. Florence took a glimpse and did not pick it up. Her phone then continued to ring and she had never realized the ringing of her phone was that annoying. She hung it up straight away. Her phone no longer rang. As Florence thought Ernest finally gave up contacting her, a message was sent to her phone. “Come and feed the cat. ” Florence felt amused and sad at the same time when she looked at the message. Did he really treat her as the cat’s guardian now? Since Gemma had returned, let her feed it. Florence did not reply the message and she tossed her phone to the side. Half an hour later, an unwelcomed guest came to Florence’s house. Melissa hurriedly rushed into Florence’s room and dragged her up from the bed. “Flory, get up, Ernest has sent Mr

His lofty figure blocked in front of her and also her line of sight. He stared straight at her with profound eyes. “Florence, I’ve planted the flowers you like at my backyard

. ” Florence was startled. What did he mean? She then saw Ernest slowly moved and walked to her side. She was able to see the whole backyard clearly. The backyard was completely transformed into a sea of flowers. A plethora of flowers was blooming to showcase their most unique beauty. Every type of flower was chosen by her in the ML Flower Market and she had once said she liked those flowers. Everything there was prepared for her. She then looked at the whole parterre, there were two words showcased under the gentle light : Marry me. Ernest took her hand and suddenly went down with one knee. He was holding an extremely exquisite red diamond ring between his fingers. “Marry me, Florence. ” Words came out from his attractive lips and every word seemed to contain strong feelings of attachment, as if he did love her. Florence almost fainted amidst the flower fragrance and fell for the deep love he expressed. There were a handsome man, romantic wedding proposal and a touching love story… Florence smiled, yet her tone of voice was cold like never before. “I won’t marry you, Mr. Hawkins. ” Marry on behalf of someone? Surrogate mother? She, Florence Fraser was still not that abject. Ernest froze. He who used to control everything was actually greatly startled at the moment. She had rejected him without even having a second thought. He felt chills all over his body and he spoke with great difficulty, “You refuse to be with me even if I’ve offered you marriage?” He thought she would give them a chance if they overcame the fake engagement, that she would no longer push him away and would try to accept him. Looking at the despondence in his eyes, Florence could not tell what she was feeling. It turned out Ernest Hawkins was not a proud and cruel person. He would also feel despondent and disappointed for Gemma Marlon. “I’m sorry, I can’t do it,” Florence spoke with a low voice. No matter how, she was unable to sacrifice her marriage to fulfill other’s wish. Without looking at Ernest anymore, she turned and left. There was strong determination in her petite body. Ernest watched her back in a daze. It was the first time he felt that something had pierced his heart.