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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 521: Marry Me, Would You?

Phoebe eyes shone and leaned closer to Stanford. “You will marry the woman who carries your child instantly? Even if you don’t love her?” Stanford replied sternly, “This kind of thing will never happen to me. ” He had never been with any woman until now, he had superb self-control. On top of that, he had no interest in woman at all. Phoebe was not satisfied with his answer; she walked past Stanford and stopped in front of him. She looked up at him and asked stubbornly, “If, I say if there’s a woman pregnant with your baby, will you marry her?” This kind of impossible thought had never crossed Stanford’s mind. He bit his lips and answer rationally, “Yes. ” He was not a non-responsible man. Phoebe’s eyes shone. She smiled while approached Stanford suddenly and said. “So the fastest way for me to get you is to sleep with you?” Stanford’s body froze; his face’s interchanged between green and red. How could Phoebe say such a thing, wasn’t her a woman? She had no shame? “Ridiculous!” Stanford said while biting his lips uncomfortably. He then avoided Phoebe and walked past her. He walked at a fast pace as if he was flying. Phoebe ran to catch up and followed him by his side. She said seriously, “Stanford, I really want to sleep with you. ” Stanford walked even faster hearing that. How did Florence and Phoebe become best friends? She was not a lady, she had no shame. Stanford temple’s pulse was racing; his heart was beating faster than ever. With his long feet and martial art’s foundation, he walked faster; even Phoebe’s jog couldn’t keep up with him. Phoebe was annoyed looking at their distance; she regretted that she didn’t train well during school. It was too late to train now. Looking at Stanford went farther; she clenched her teeth and shouted. “Stanford, wait for me. ” “The road is uneven, I almost fall

Ernest changed his tone and deepened his voice to sound like Clarence too, so she didn’t think much and nodded. “I love it, when did you prepare it? It’s a huge surprise. ” The flowerbed was not originally in the wood, someone removed the trees and planted them here

. Ernest knew she liked roses. But she had been staying here for so long and hadn’t noticed someone planted roses here. It was a well-kept secret. The man didn’t reply but asked instead, “Walk forward, there’s more surprise. ” More surprise? Florence was nervous at the same time looking forward to it. She did as told and walked forward, the entire space smelled roses, along with dancing fireflies. The smile on her face had never once faded. She walked until the end and saw roses arranged in heart shape and there was a diamond ring in the middle of the flowers. Florence's heart stopped seeing that. She covered her mouth with her hands and tears began forming in her eyes. A tall figure appeared a meter away behind her. Florence felt his presence and wanted to turn around but was stopped. “Don’t turn around. ” Florence did as told and stared at the shiny ring, her heart was filled with warmth and happiness. She had never expected that Ernest would propose to her here. His surprise was indeed the ultimate surprise. Since he proposed her now, it meant everything with the Turner settled, and he must have had arranged everything with the Fraser too. They could finally be together officially, she would… Marry him. The man behind her asked in a deep and nervous voice. “Florence, marry me, would you?”