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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 164: Marrying Her Means Accepting Everything about Her

“Did I have a hallucination just now? I definitely had an illusion, right?” “No, you didn’t. I saw it to. Maybe Ernest was replaced by someone and the man in front of us is a fake one. ” “I also doubt it…” They stared at Ernest with an astonished look as if they were about to dig a hole on his body with their gazed and found out that fake soul. Nevertheless, Ernest remained composed and simply gazed at his three friends coldly, “Enough? Then you can leave. ” They were choked. They came all the way to visit the patient but Ernest asked them to leave without even giving them a chance to have a pleasant conversation with Florence or drink a glass of water. This was really Ernest’s way of doing things. “Ahem… It’s a rare opportunity for us to gather together. Since we’re now in your home, we must stay for a longer while. Flory, is that right?” Harold said with a smile. Florence was a bit stunned when being asked suddenly. She nodded her head out of courtesy, “Yeah. ” “The garden of Ernest’s villa is a good place to have afternoon tea. Flory, would you like to come downstairs together with us. Just to suck in the fresh air and have some small talks. ” Ernest renovated the garden last time. Although the words ‘marry me’ had been removed, the decoration of the garden was still sumptuous and pleasant to eyes. During the past two days, Ernest would also bring Florence to have a walk in the garden. Although Florence wanted to go there, she flushed slightly when seeing the three men and shook her head, “I feel a bit uncomfortable. I don’t want to go. You guys enjoy it. ” Harold keenly noticed that Florence’s cheeks were a bit red. Judging from her unnatural expressions, apparently she was not feeling uncomfortable now. There must be something fishy. Harold felt interested. He glanced around Ernest and Florence with an ambiguous gaze and then said to Florence, “Flory, the air is fresh outside. Go out to enjoy the gentle wind and the beautiful flowers. When your mood is improved, it will do good to your health. Come on, go to the garden with us, maybe you will not feel uncomfortable later. ” Florence felt more uneasy when noticing Harold’s weird gaze. She shook her head more resolutely, “Nope, I really feel uncomfortable

I have been living here recently. ” Charlotte curled her lips into a smile and began to make tea, make coffee and prepare dessert proficiently. Harold became more surprised

. He could understand why Florence could live in the villa, but how would Ernest, that aloof and indifferent man, allow the other girl to live in his house? This was…“Do you often make coffee and dessert here?”As Harold showed no intention to leave, Charlotte also wanted to have a talk with him and replied in a natural tone, “Yeah. I have been sending afternoon to Ernest recently. I’m accustomed to prepare it. ”“Ernest asked you to send afternoon tea to him?” Harold asked in shock. He had been surprised for several times after knowing Charlotte. Charlotte became complacent and nodded, “Yeah. My future brother-in-law is quite good to me. ”When seeing the surprise on Harold’s face, Charlotte learned that other women would not have such a chance. She just met Ernest’s friends for the first time, but in their eyes, she became a special woman for Ernest. “I haven’t expected this. ” Harold looked at Charlotte with surprise and nodded as if thinking of something, “Ernest pampers Florence to such an extent that he even cares a lot about Florence’s families. ”Charlotte was choked and the complacent smile on her face became stiff. Did it have anything to do with Florence? She didn’t want to hear such a conclusion!Harold was indeed a gentleman. He didn’t let Charlotte prepare the afternoon tea alone and did her a favor. When everything was prepared, he asked her to take them out. Anthony and Stephen also instantly noticed the girl beside Harold. They all felt surprised. Anthony said with a serious expression, “Harold, even if you’re a playboy, you can’t take a woman to Ernest’s home. Do you forget about his temper?”Harold felt a bit aggrieved. But when he was about to make an explanation, Charlotte explained, “You mistook our relationship. I’m Florence’s younger sister. My name is Charlotte Fraser and I live here. ”Anthony and Stephen were both astonished and then simultaneously shifted their gazes to Ernest. They asked in chorus, “You want to marry Florence, so you began to take care of her families. Alas, what a scheming man. ”Charlotte was rendered speechless. That was not the wanted result for her self-introduction!Unexpectedly, Ernest didn’t deny it. He said in a low, sexy voice, “Since I want to marry her, naturally I should accept her families. ”