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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 380: Meeting the Fiancé

However, much to his surprise, he had to wait for a whole night. It was already bright outside the window. The bright sunshine fell on Ernest’s handsome cold face, which was like frozen in frost. The temperature in the room didn’t rise because of the daytime, but instead, it turned lower and lower and the room was becoming colder and colder. Ernest was like a block of mobile ice, emanating the icy coldness. Florence hadn’t returned to her room for a whole night. Ernest couldn’t help wondering where she had stayed last night. Did she hang out for a whole night? Damned woman. “Ring. Ring. Ring…” Right then, his cell phone rang. With a cold face, Ernest swiped to answer impatiently. He pressed his thin lips without speaking, listening to the report from the other end of the line. A man’s respectful voice said, “Sir, according to the news, Ms. Fraser has changed her schedule. She would be arriving at the Turners’ at eight-thirty. ” Ernest frowned. Raising his wrist, he found it was already eight o’clock. From the hotel to the Turners’, it would take him at least half an hour. That meant Florence would never come back to this hotel. Ernest’s face changed from cold to darken as if the ink would drip from it. He hadn’t been waiting for her here but she didn’t show up. Instead, she went to the Turner family directly. If she met Benjamin and engaged to him, it would be too bad. Ernest suddenly stood up. Taking over the jacket aside, he strode out of the room. Timothy looked confused. “Mr. Hawkins, where are you going? Aren’t we waiting for Ms. Fraser?” “Go back to the Turners’,” Ernest uttered a few words coldly. His tall and strong figure disappeared from the room in an instant. In the car. Florence looked still sleepy. She complained, “What’s the matter, Stanford? Isn’t the appointment at half past nine? Why did you ask me to come over at eight-thirty instead? If I came here so early, they would think I long for marrying into their family. ” Last night, Stanford suddenly enjoyed the carnival a lot. He took her to a place far away, so they found a hotel nearby and stayed there. In the early morning, he forced her to get up and come to the Turners’ earlier than planned. Florence felt quite sleeping, unable to part her upper and lower eyelids at all. She guessed that probably she had dark circles under her eyes. In such a status, she would meet the fiancé whom she was engaged to as soon as she was born. Was it indeed proper? Stanford patted her on the head in disagreement

The more attractive was the man sitting in the room. He was sitting on the white chair with crossed legs. He looked graceful and elegant as if he were a royal prince from the oil painting of the last century

. He looked quite handsome - he had dark blue eyes, a straight nose bridge, and perfect sidelines of his face. He was a stunning mixed-raced man. Florence had used to Ernest’s handsome face and been with Stanford who had a stunning face, but when she saw the man, she was stunned. The man looked differently handsome, noble but wild. He reminded her of the eagle flying in the sky. “Hi, Florence. ”When Benjamin saw Florence, his sexy thin lips were curled up. He stood up and walked to her gentlemanly. “We finally meet. ”His voice was clear and pleasant to hear, just like the sound from a cello. Florence was a bit startled when looking at the offered hands with obvious knuckles. Then she shook hands with him with a smile. “Hello. ”Benjamin soon released Florence’s hand. He asked her to have a seat gentlemanly. “Please sit down, Florence. What would you like to drink? Coffee, wine, or tea?”Since the tea culture was popular in China, most Chinese people liked drinking tea. He had considered about it. Florence pressed her lips. “Coffee would be fine. Thanks. ”“Okay. Please wait here. A moment please. ”As he spoke, Benjamin went to the bar counter next to them, starting to make coffee himself. Florence was a bit surprised. She had never expected this rich man from the top noble family, who would be the first in line successor of the Turner family would make coffee by himself. She wasn’t narcissistic, but she couldn’t help wondering if he wanted to leave her a good first impression. However, she had no plan to engage with him. In that case, she couldn’t give him any hope in vain. Florence pinched her purse tightly, inhaling deeply. She was thinking about how she could start later and discuss with him to call off this engagement. Shortly, Benjamin put the made coffee in front of Florence. “I don’t make it quite often. Please let me know if you don’t like it. ”Benjamin smiled and looked at her sincerely. “In the future, I’ll try my best to practice more, so that you could often drink the coffee made by me. ”