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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 586: Miss, You’re Lucky

Phoebe was missing. There was no information about her returning to China. Stanford had no news of where she had gone either after that day. He could only send people or even himself to find her personally. Florence didn’t know about this matter yet, as Stanford hid it from her. She just felt that someone who always came to Ernest’s room several times a day suddenly seldom came. Florence was puzzled about what Stanford was up to. However, Stanford told her that he was busy interrogating Benjamin. Stanford had always been a reliable person and didn’t need much worry from others. So, Florence didn’t overthink it and continued to guard Ernest. She did her best to take care of Ernest and guard him by his side every day. Seeing Ernest’s condition getting better, Florence was feeling even more cheerful too. As Collin said, Ernest might wake up at any moment. Florence was afraid that she would miss the moment when Ernest opened his eyes. So she stayed by his side all the time without leaving him. She even slept on the sofa in his room. On this day, as she was drowsily guarding Ernest’s bedside, a bodyguard suddenly barged in in a hurry. “Miss!” Florence woke up in shock and looked at him suspiciously, “What’s wrong?” The bodyguard looked hesitant and asked, “Can you contact the young master?” This bodyguard looked familiar, and Florence had met him a few times before. He was one of the people who followed Stanford, now sent to guard Benjamin. Since he was Benjamin’s man, he was naturally able to contact Stanford. So why would he come to her? Florence felt uneasy and asked suspiciously, “How come you can’t contact my brother then?” “The young master hasn’t been answering his phone. It’s urgent, so…” The bodyguard was struggling as he said, “There’s a specific ringtone for your contact number. No matter what the situation is, the young master will pick up immediately. Things are getting tricky here. That’s why I just show up here, Miss. ” So that was it. Without hesitation, Florence immediately took out her mobile phone and called Stanford. Sure enough, the phone was answered in a short while. On the other end of the phone, Stanford’s gasping voice came over. He seemed to be busy with something

” The crazy ones would always create something surprise that caught others off guard. While according to the bodyguard, as long as Benjamin continued to live and the plan was successfully carried out, they would learn of Clarence’s whereabouts. Success was just ahead

. Florence was in turmoil as she was desperate to save Clarence, but she didn’t want to make things difficult for Stanford too. She was torn, not knowing what to do now. On the other end, Stanford’s low voice rang out, “The medicine can be produced again. Take it and keep Benjamin alive. ”The bodyguard was open-mouthed, feeling shocked. He came to ask and never thought that Stanford would choose to save Benjamin. After all, that medicine was too precious. But Stanford used it without even hesitating so that Florence wouldn’t feel guilty, blaming herself. The bodyguard looked at Florence with a twinkle in his eyes and said in a low voice, “Miss, you’re lucky, having such a brother who loves you so much. ”Florence was moved, understanding how good was Stanford treating her. She gritted her teeth and talked to the phone, “Thank you, Stanford. ”“Flory, I’m your brother. It’s okay to do anything for you. ”Stanford rightly said and then added, “That medicine needs you to unlock and open it. You follow him. ”Why did it need her to open it?Florence was even more surprised. It was indeed a treasure, even being locked. She didn’t hesitate and immediately agreed. “Okay, I’ll go right away. ”After all, Benjamin was about to die. After hanging up the phone, the bodyguard immediately walked out of the room respectfully and waited for Florence outside. Florence had been watching Ernest without leaving his side for the past few days. She felt uneasy for having to go outside suddenly. She walked to the bedside, looking at Ernest, who was lying on the bed and said gently, “Ernest, wait for me here. I’ll be back very soon. ”After saying that, she kissed his forehead before turning around and leaving. She didn’t notice that the moment she left, Ernest’s fingers moved