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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 510: Misunderstanding? A Misunderstanding!

At this very moment, his staff blocked in front of him and begged, “Mr. Fraser, please calm down, this is a misunderstanding…” Without letting him finished, Stanford kicked him away. And the other staff came forward to take the beating for Benjamin. “Mr. Fraser, please calm down, he is the son of the Turner, please stop beating him. ” “Get lost!” Stanford kicked away that man and he landed on the man behind who was coming forward to beg. Benjamin was furious when seeing all his men being beaten, hitting his men was like slapping him on his face. Stanford must be taught a lesson. But the blocking of his men bought him enough time to gain his calm back. He was a guest in the Fraser and wished to be acknowledged by them, he could never fight Stanford. Even if he wanted to kill him now, he just endured. He stood up and wiped away the blood on the corner of his lips. With his back straightened, he explained, “This is truly a misunderstanding, I broke in for the sake of Flory’s safety. But it was my fault entirely to have offended both Flory and Ms. Jenkins, I’ll accept all punishments from Stanford willingly. ” He then stood still calmly, giving out a “hit as you like” posture. Stanford was infuriated, his anger had not reduced a bit, he wanted to crack Benjamin’s bones. And he did. But Florence was rational, she did everything not for Stanford to kill Benjamin. If Benjamin went back to the Turner severely injured, he could easily play the victim card. That was not what Florence wanted; she wanted to get rid of him once and for all. “Stanford, stop beating him, his filth will only pollute your hands. ” Florence ran over and blocked Stanford's fist

” Benjamin swore and turned to Florence, “Flory, I saw you entered with Clarence, where is he now?” Florence lips lifted and said sarcastically. “Benjamin, are you making nonsense up out of nothing? I came in with Phoebe, I didn’t know when did she transform into Clarence, huh?” Benjamin frowned, “Stop quibbling, I saw you came in with Clarence, all my men saw it too, I guess the CCTV recording could prove that. Flory, that was the fact, don’t deny

. ” Once it was proved that Florence entered with Clarence but he disappeared, despite not being able to uncover his identity, that would be Benjamin's defend. This was his only chance of defense now. Florence’s expression didn’t change a tiny bit. “I came in with Phoebe, if you insist it was Clarence, let’s check the CCTV recording, see who is talking crap!” “Alright! Check the CCTV recording!” Benjamin agreed. He waved at the only guard that was still standing, “Bring the recording over. ” Even though it was crowded and dimmed but Clarence’s tall figure wearing a suit was the complete opposite of Phoebe’s outfit. The truth would be revealed with the video. “Wait. ”Florence said of a sudden. Benjamin smiled, “Flory, regret? Tell the truth now and I won’t give you trouble. ” Florence ignored Benjamin and turned to Stanford. “Stanford, send your man along, I fear that Benjamin will do something to the recording. ” Her distrust over Benjamin was tremendously obvious. Benjamin’s smiled turned into a stiffened face in an instant. Stanford swept a glance at Benjamin and waved, “Go with him and bring the recording over. ” “Yes!”Someone outside replied instantly. The truth would be revealed with the CCTV recording, Benjamin feared nothing. He wanted to find out how did Clarence vanished before his eyes too. Their staffs were quick, they brought the CCTV recording along only after a short while