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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 85: Mixed Up Passion

Georgia’s illness was getting worse; her body was already in a bad condition, and after a while, she became sleepy again. Before she fell asleep, she held onto Florence’s hand, “Flory, stay with me for a while longer. ” “Sure. ” There was no way Florence could resist this elder’s kind attitude. Georgia eventually managed to fall asleep peacefully. There was no reason for Brianna and the rest to stay in the bedroom, so they headed out. Before she left, Brianna glared at Florence viciously with a murderous intent, as if she would kill her tonight. Ernest looked at her with a gentle glance. He said in a low voice, “You stay here with me; call me if you need anything. ” Florence nodded, and watched as Ernest left. Georgia managed to rest quite well and didn’t wake up until it was late in the evening. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw Florence, who still held her hand by her bedside. Georgia was slightly surprised, “Flory, were you here all this time?” “Yes, grandma, are you feeling better?” Florence smiled, and then began to stretch her stiff body. Georgia looked at her with distress, “What a dull child. ” She sighed and felt sympathy to Florence even more. If she wasn’t so pure and simple, how could she possibly agree to call off the engagement to Ernest? In the entire City N, there are far too many women plotting to marry Ernest. Even if they were just his fiancé, they would ensure that the wedding engagement would proceed. But Florence was a complete exception. In this way, she had to help them plan… “Are you hungry?” Georgia looked out at the night sky and asked. “I’m fine. ” Florence shook her head, and then seemed to think of something. Then she asked concernedly, “Grandma, are you hungry? Let me fetch someone to bring you food. ” “The butler’s at the door; just ask them to bring us some food to eat. ” Georgia must be trying to eat with her. Florence did not put up a pretense, and went to find the butler. The old butler agreed wholeheartedly, and then reappeared quickly with a push cart full of food. Georgia’s entire being seemed to feel much better after a good rest. With Florence’s help, she got off her bed and sat beside the dining table. There were two bowls of soup on the table. The old butler gave one bowl to Georgia, and another to Florence. He carefully noted, “Each soup is made especially for each of you

The second she stepped into the closet, she froze still. Over half of the clothes there were her own clothes. There was a huge selection of styles, from fashionable clothes to pajamas, and there were even a dozen sandals, slippers, and shoes

. Florence was surprised beyond words. Had he not said these were prepared especially for her, she would have thought that there was another woman living here. But with this many clothes for her, it was as though she was living here. Florence felt mayhem within herself; her face turned bright red. Slap. She slapped her face to dispel the random thoughts in her head and remind herself not to overthink things. But now her face was even redder and seemed hot enough to boil an egg. Her body also had an inexplicable feeling. She felt a bit flabbergasted; looking at herself in the mirror, with her red cheeks and misty eyes, it was as though she had returned to a more youthful version of herself. She covered her face in a panicked manner; what was happening to her? She shook her head to toss away the random thoughts. She hurriedly grabbed a set of pajamas and headed to the bathroom. “Splash. ” There came the sound of running water. The water that landed on her body was warm, but to her, she felt as if it was scalding hot water. She suddenly turned off the hot water, and it suddenly became cold. The frigid water that hit her skin seemed to help suppress the odd hot feeling she felt. However, it didn’t take long for that odd hot sense to return; her body felt like it was on fire, and it felt as if it was burning even hotter. Not even the cold water could cool her down. Her head started to get dizzy, and her mouth felt dry. The heat was becoming unbearable, she felt as if she had to do something…One hour later. Ernest frowned and looked toward the closed bathroom door. How come she hasn’t come out yet? He stood up and went to knock on the door. “Florence?”There was only the sound of running water. Ernest raised his voice and asked again, “Florence? Answer me. ”His voice was louder than the running water, but Florence still said nothing. Did something happen to her? His suddenly became quite worried and kicked the door open, then rushed in. In a second, he froze still. Before him, Florence had nothing on, but she sat in a bathtub full of running water; her face was flushed red, and she looked dazed…