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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 77: Mr. Hawkins’ Action

It was soon that Florence put down her work and took out her phone. She called Cooper once again. The phone rang for a long while and the call was still not picked up just like what happened these two days. Florence’s eyes glazed over as she looked at the screen. She wrinkled her eyebrows with uneasiness. Could it be something had happened to Cooper when he suddenly quitted his job and lost in contact? With a slightly complicated feeling, Florence went to the restaurant special for Ernest once again to taste the food for him. Ernest was sitting beside the table near a pond with amazing sceneries as usual, waiting for her silently. Even though that kind of scene had appeared too many times, Florence still felt it was extremely beautiful and pleasant to look at. “Mr. Hawkins. ” She smiled and greeted Ernest. She put the laptop she brought onto the table and was ready to taste the dish. As she was going to reach for the chopsticks, she was startled to see the cutleries, western food, beef steak and salad on the table that was different from usual. It completely differed with the usual Chinese dish! Florence was dumbfounded. Seeing her in a daze, there was an indiscernible smile on Ernest’s face. He spoke with a serious manner, “Have a try. ” “…okay. ” Florence used the cutleries to cut and eat the beef steak. Not knowing whether she had gone picky after tasting the food all these time, although the steak smelled good when she ate it, she deemed it to not be that tasty as it had a little flaw which was not spicy. Since it was the main dish, she looked at Ernest and said, “It doesn’t taste very well. ” As if her response was within his anticipation, Ernest raised his hand and ordered, “Get me another dish. ” “Yes, sir. ” Two waiters which showed up from the side took the beef steaks away with deference right in front of them. Two other waiters then immediately pushed a food cart over after them and placed the new beef steaks in front of them. Florence was a little surprised as the Chinese dishes were all placed on the table at one go back then to let her try them each at a time, yet the western dishes were served one at a time. After a second thought, she then understood. That was because there were many dishes for Chinese food to be eaten at the same time and she would only have less than two bites for each dish, whereas for beef steak, she would basically finish it, therefore the amount of western dish served was less. She looked at the beef steak before her and thought she would not have a full stomach this afternoon. The beef steak served this time matched her preference and she put down the fork after having just one bite. “Mr. Hawkins, this beef steak tastes good. ” Ernest nodded and said naturally, “Then let’s eat together. ” Florence was startled. Wasn’t she supposed to taste the food only? Ernest raised his eyebrow and glanced at the eaten beef steak in her bowl with a meaningful look. “Don’t waste the food

Florence was so frightened that she froze. What was that? She immediately looked down and saw a white Scottish Fold clinging to her heels. It was raising its round head and staring at her with big eyes

. It opened its mouth and let out a soft meow. Florence’s heart melted instantly. That little guy looked so small and adorable. She squatted down, extended her hand and caressed its furry little head. It immediately approached her intimately and put its paws onto her lap, as if wanting her to hug it. “Good boy. ” She cuddled it gently in her arms. By looking at its size, it seemed that it was not yet weaned. But, why would there be a little kitten in Ernest’s house? “Looks like it likes you very much. ” Ernest’s voice was heard not far away. He was seen in his light gray home wear and sandals, walking out while carrying a plastic bag. His clothes seemed to be more casual and had made him looked less elegant and distancing he used to appear back in the days. Florence walked towards him while carrying the kitten and asked, “You keep it?”“Yes. ” There was a slight uneasiness on his face. “Someone gave it to me. ” Ernest had the power and strength, therefore there were many people wanting to flatter him by giving him gifts. Yet Florence had not expected someone would give him a little kitten as a gift. Could it be Ernest actually like animals? Ernest felt even more uneasy from her stare. He kept a straight face and put the plastic bag in his hand on the table in front of her. He then said as if it was ought to be her duty, “Feed it. ”Florence rubbed the little guy’s head in her arm. It was not weaned as expected. As if she had realized something the next moment, she was startled. Hawkins, could it be…the reason you ask me to come over this late night is to feed it?” Without any change in expression, Ernest replied, “Yes. ” Florence felt speechless at once. After taking a deep breath, she said while suppressing a bellyful of anger, “It’s very docile, you can feed it yourself. ”Ernest glanced at her and said with a rightful look, “I don’t know how to do it. ” Florence choked. She had nothing to say in reply.