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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 131: Mr. Hawkins, Are You in a Relationship?

Ernest asked unhappily, “Timothy, where’s my breakfast?” Timothy, who was at the other end of the phone, was a bit sunned and hastily replied, “When I sent you the breakfast, I bumped into Miss Charlotte. She was preparing breakfast and told me that just leave it to her. And she let me go. ” “So you followed her order and left?” Ernest’s tone of voice became colder and gloomier, “You’re even not clear about who is your boss. Do you want to get fired?” “Sir, I was wrong. ” Timothy instantly admitted his mistake sincerely. Ernest’s tone was still colder, “Remember my living habits. No one will be an exception for me, except Florence. ” “Yes Sir. I’ll remember it. ” “Send me a breakfast again. ” Ernest hung up the phone coldly. Florence, who was standing by his side, looked at him in a dumbfounded state. She heard clearly of what he said just now. ‘No one will be an exception, except Florence. So he had been pampering her? She was a special exception for him? And this was the reason why he would accompany her to eat street snacks, to eat the unsavory noodles she cooked, and to allow her to use his kitchen… Florence’s heart suddenly skipped one beat and she felt as if she had been struck by electric shock. Originally she was quite sure that Ernest had no feelings for her. But now she was not certain of it. Timothy sent a new breakfast over after a short while. He knew that he had done something wrong and was quite ginger this time, but Ernest still gazed at him coldly. Timothy felt very stressful. Charlotte walked forward, “Let me help you. ” As she was speaking, she reached out to the bowls and dishes in the meal box. But Timothy dodged her swiftly. This time, Timothy was quite resolute. Moreover, he was discontented with Charlotte. “No need. I can do it by myself. Mr. Hawkins doesn’t like outsiders to touch his food. ” Outsider! Again! Ernest said that she was an outsider, now even his assistant also said that. Charlotte felt extremely embarrassed and her face turned burning hot with anger brewing in her heart. But Timothy ignored her and quickly placed the dishes and bowls on the table and then quickly left the room under Ernest’s cold gaze. He now understood thoroughly after today’s accident that Florence was the only special one in Ernest’s heart. And that he only needed to play up to Florence in the future

She then prepared to leave quietly. But Ernest suddenly looked towards her. He took of the headphones and said to her, “This conference will last for several hours

. If you feel boring, you can go out and go shopping. ” Florence didn’t want to delay his conference and hurriedly nodded her head, “Okay. ” “There’s a bank car on the dresser. Take it. You can buy anything you like. ” Ernest said as it was a natural thing and Florence uncontrollably thought of the supreme black card. He was really generous to her. Florence nodded her head again, “Okay. ”Ernest replied with a nasal sound and shifted his gaze back to the screen of his laptop. Other people who were having the conference with Ernest were all stupefied and frozen. They were all important representatives that Ernest had specially arranged in various countries in the world and the contents of their conferences were all about important matters and were all confidential. They were discussing about a significant matter just now, but no one had expected that Ernest would suddenly take off his headphones and talked to the other person. It was fine if he was just talking about business. But what did he say just now?‘If you feel boring, you can go out and go shopping. ’It was actually about such a trivial matter…But it seemed that Ernest didn’t feel it inappropriate. He stared at the screen expressionlessly and said in a calm voice, “Go on. ”The other persons were rendered speechless. After being silent for about three seconds, one of them asked tentatively, “Boss, are you in a relationship?”In a relationship?Ernest looked up at Florence who just reached the door and a touch of inexplicable gentleness flashed across his eyes. His mood seemed to be enhanced. He then answered in a low voice, “Yeah. I’m going to get married. ”It was like a bomb for those people and exploded them instantly. Several kinds of weird voices came from the headphones at the same time. It sounded like someone had crumbed the mouse, someone had broken the keyboard, and someone seemed to fall down from the chair…As it was on weekend today and Ernest didn’t need her as he had something to attend to, Florence was free and decided to go shopping and relieve the boredom. Charlotte also came with her. When they were dawdling Charlotte was absent-minded all the way as her mind was occupied with matters related to Ernest. The current situation was quite different from what she had imagined. She originally thought that relying on her identity as Florence’s sister, Ernest would treat her well and she just needed to enhance their relationship. With the help of her charm, it was just a matter of time for her to win Ernest’s heart. Nevertheless…