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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 345: Mr. Hawkins’ Jealousy

“Please don’t mention her to me in the future. I don’t care and I don’t want to hear about it at all,” Ernest interrupted Georgia’s words in a cold tone. His handsome face had a cold look as well. Since she had decisively left the hospital that day, he had completely given up on her. “If there’s nothing else, I’ve got to go. ” “Ernest, listen to me. ” Before Georgia would speak something else, the phone was hung up. Staring at the black screen, she looked more haggard. Johan comforted her while feeling sorry, “Ma’am, please don’t take care of their businesses. The children have their own ways to deal with things. ” “But I have to take care of them. You should know who Ernest is. If he couldn’t marry a woman from the Fraser family, he would. ” As she spoke, Georgia felt a pain in her heart. She begged for the chance and planned it for such a long time, but it was totally ruined because of her mistake. The Fraser family had already sent someone over. According to the information, they had picked up Florence. Although Florence would still show up in City N, Georgia was certain that shortly, Florence would leave the city and go to Europe. Once she had left, it would be uncertain when she would come back. That also meant that there would be no hope for her to marry Ernest. There would be an ultimate chance only before Florence left City N. “No matter what price we need to pay, I must let Ernest marry Florence. I can’t let what happened to his mother happen to him!” . It was already autumn. Although the temperature was just pleasant, people would still feel cold if their clothes were wet. They had put on the raincoats, but when Florence got off from the water coaster, her clothes were still wet. She also touched the water, so her hands were freezing. “Stanford, you’ve never played the water coaster before, have you?” Otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen to play the facility on the water. Now Florence felt so cold as if she was in the winter. She kept trembling in the chillness. A touch of embarrassment flashed through his handsome face. He said immediately, “I didn’t have a younger sister before. ” Florence was speechless, wondering if he was putting the blame on her. With a big towel, Stanford covered Florence from her head. He increased the strength on his fingers, carefully rubbed her wet hair

The discussions next to Ernest, implying that they were lovers, were stinging Ernest’s hearts like needles. It had been only a few days, but Florence had already found a new boyfriend, hadn’t she? They progressed so fast and they looked as if their love was as sweet as the honey in the jar. He had spent a lot of months and gone after her, but he didn’t have any position in her heart at all

. However, in such a short period, her heart was gained by another man. Ernest found it so ironic. He had never felt so defeated before, and nor had he felt so angry before. He had decided to let go of her and ignore all things that happened to her. However, at this moment, he was so furious that he could hardly control himself, wanting to snatch her back without caring about anything. He couldn’t bear seeing her smiling at another man, and nor could he stand seeing her in another man’s arms. “Let’s go!”Clenching his fists tightly, Ernest turned around and walked away. His aura was so cold that almost all the men following him were freaked out. The group of staff behind him couldn’t help shivering. They exchanged confusing glances with each other, looking quite puzzled. Just now everything was all right, but how come suddenly Mr. Hawkins’ mood went extremely bad. They could sense that he was so irritated as if he would kill someone next second. That was so frightening. They even could foresee their death, wondering if they would become the cannon fodder soon. Although they had dried the hair and clothes in a certain way, Stanford still called someone to deliver them new clothes. Florence felt it quite troublesome, but she changed her clothes obediently. As long as Stanford was with her, he could always take good care of her all the time. She wondered whether she would lose the ability of self-care if it went on in this way. However, Stanford answered her, “As my sister, all you need to care about is how to keep your beauty. ”She was supposed to be a superior princess. All the difficulties and suffers in life should have nothing to do with her at all. After changing the clothes, Florence saw that Stanford was looked over at the parachuting, her heart jumping into her throat. Immediately, she pointed in another direction. “Stanford, I want to play that one. Could you win me some dolls, please?”Following Florence’s finger, Stanford looked over, only to find those were games such as darts or shooting. There were all kinds of games. If the player won the game, there would be an award, most of which were the plush toys that girls liked. Stanford knew that Florence wanted to buy some time, but he didn’t expose her. He immediately took her over there. As long as Florence wouldn’t get hurt, no matter what she requested, Stanford wouldn’t say no to her.