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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 195: Mr. Hawkins’ Pen Is Fake

On the next day… In the president’s office of the Hawkins Group… Several C-level managers stood in the office and reported work to Ernest. They were all waiting for his approval and signature. This was a routine for them and they would often stand in Ernest’s office like this when they had to go through this procedure. But today, they could clearly feel that Ernest was in a good mood. More precisely, he was in a mood that was much better than usual. Especially when she took out the pen from the pocket, he looked gentler. He even smiled when he gazed at the pen and he was so delighted just like bathing in the spring wind. Those managers were all bug-eyed in wonderment as if they had seen red rains. They had been working in the company for decades and had been to Ernest’s office for numerous times, but they hadn’t seen him smiling. Wasn’t there always indifference and aloofness on his handsome face? Moreover, the most wired thing was that Mr. Hawkins actually smiled at an ordinary KT Pen as if it was his lover. What was wrong with him today? Or could it be that this president was a fake one? He was substituted by someone else? Everyone was shocked and they all guessed wildly about what had happened to Ernest. They looked apparently astonished. Ernest sat on the chair elegantly. He didn’t care what they were thinking in their minds. He spun the pen. Although his eyes were on it, he only had Florence in his mind. This was the first gift from Florence. And there was a smiling face on the pen. She indeed had tried to learn about him secretly. See, his mood was enhanced when he saw the smiling face. He then softly removed the pen hat and wrote down his name on the signature area in one go. Ernest gazed at the fluent signature with satisfaction. The pen selected by Florence was quite good. He curled his lips into a smile. When he was about to put aside the document, a drop of ink dropped on his signature. The ink immediately blotted the signature when it dropped down on the paper. Ernest was a bit stunned. The office was prevailed by a weird silence. The managers gazed at the pen astonishingly and then at the blurred signature on the document and twitched their mouth. Mr. Hawkins’ pen actually blotted? This had never happened in the past! Timothy who was standing aside was also dumfounded as he also hadn’t expected this

They widened their eyes when they saw Ernest wiping clean the pen with a tissue. His movement was elegant and it looked like he was carefully wiping a valuable antique. They all guessed that it was not an ordinary pen

. It must be a limited edition or a very valuable pen. Yeah. It must be. They didn’t recognize it just now because they were lack of insights. Since then, there were rumors in the company that the CEO liked pens very much and people who wanted to send gifts to him my take this into consideration……After getting off work, Florence decided to visit Phoebe when she recalled that she was still in the hospital. As she had been on and off work together with Ernest recently, she had to go to the underground parking lot to wait for him. She saw Ernest from afar. He was wearing a set of pitch-black striated business suit today and his 1. 9 meter high figure plus with his noble temperament made him look aloof. Even if Florence could see him every day, she was still stunned at the moment. Florence felt moved when she saw the pen clamped on the pocket of his suit jacket and the symbolic smiling face of the pen. Ernest was faithful to his words. He really took the pen together with him and used it to sign documents. Unlike Florence, Timothy, who was following Ernest behind, felt a gush of complicated emotions when he saw Florence. They asked someone to repair the pen before. He repaired the pen but at the same time told them that the pen was fake. Timothy was speechless when he heard that the pen was fake. It was fine even if it was not a valuable top-class brand, but how could Miss Fraser send a fake one?But Ernest was not bothered by this and still cherished the fake pen and clamped it on a glaring place before his chest. Timothy glanced at Florence with complaints. See, you’ve brought great torture to my dear Mr. Hawkins! See how he looked now!The noble and superior president actually clamped a fake pen before his chest!Timothy felt sad. Ernest walked to Florence and slightly lowered his head to look at her, “You’re so early today. ”In usual times, Florence always came late as she would dawdle and then came to the underground parking lot secretly. Usually it was Ernest to wait for her. But rarely, Florence came early today. Seeing that Ernest had seen through her mind, Florence felt a bit embarrassed. She kept down her voice, “Mr. Hawkins, I have something to deal with tonight. I will not go back with you