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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 210: Mr. Hawkins Sounded Quite Jealous

Smiling shyly, she handed a bouquet to Reynold. “Reynold, I love the dresses you designed. I’ve bought all of them. ” “Thank you. ” Reynold smiled politely. His mix-raced face looked gentle and handsome. The girl was so obsessed. With a blushed face, she added, “I. I like you, too. ” Florence was stunned, feeling surprised. It turned out that this girl was not only his fan but also came here to confess her love to him. And this girl looked quite pretty. Florence thought that Reynold had misunderstood her because of her enthusiastic behaviors and they almost had a one-night-stand. She couldn’t help but look over at Reynold, feeling worried. Would he target this girl ass well? Would she have to hail a tab and go back to the hotel tonight? While Florence was lost in thought, she saw Reynold take over the bouquet from the girl’s hands with a doting smile on his face. “Thank you for favoring me, which encourages me to design better works. ” He thanked her, and at the same time, he refused the girl’s confession politely. The girl was disappointed, but she was comforted because of Reynold’s words to his fans. Seeing that the girl left while feeling satisfied, Florence felt quite surprised. How could Reynold let such a pretty girl go? Was it because she was not his cup of tea? Reynold held the bouquet. As soon as he turned around, he saw Florence lost in thought. With a glance, he could figure out what was in her mind. He couldn’t help but feel helpless. When they first encountered each other, because Florence was pretty and he liked her, he wanted to have a one-night-stand with her. Although it turned out to be a misunderstanding, he didn’t think it would impact his friendship with Florence. However, it seemed that Florence had misunderstandings about his personality just because of this incident. Although he was a playboy, he still had his own principles. Reynold wanted to explain, but when he walked in front of Florence and looked at her crystal clear eyes, he swallowed back the words on the tip of his tongue. He decided to forget about it. She could misunderstand him, which was not important. “Here you are. ” Reynold pressed the bouquet into Florence’s arms. Suddenly receiving such a big bouquet, Florence looked confused. “Mr. Myron, these flowers were from that girl. Why did you give them to me?” “I’m a man, and I don’t know how to keep them. You can put them in the vase of the hotel. It could refresh the air in your room,” Reynold said casually. It made sense to Florence. Hence, she sat in the car with the bouquet. Reynold sent Florence back to the entrance of the hotel

His question “are you sure he’s only a friend of yours” made her feel a sense of guilt for some reason. Thinking of the words that Reynold said to her that night and they almost had. Florence’s hesitation was completely misunderstood by Ernest

. With the flames in his eyes, he raised his hand, grabbed the bouquet from her hands, and tossed it into the garbage can next to them. Then he wrapped his big hands around her waist. He stepped forward and pressed her against the wall behind her, trapping her between him and the wall. His movements were quite overbearing, fast, and direct, leaving her no chance to react. His extremely good-looking eyes glinted at her, and his thin lips were pressed into a straight line. “You escaped from the dinner to discuss our marriage just for coming here, right? It had been only three days. How dare you to cheat on me?”His words were extremely cold and ponderous. Florence was pressed by him off guard. It was a cold wall behind her, while in front, it was his tall and strong body. The atmosphere was so intense that she could hardly breathe. Before she could react, she heard his accusing words. She was so agape and embarrassed. ‘Cheat on him? Doesn’t it only refer to the cheat between a married couple? We are not married yet. How could he say that?’ she wondered. However, his aura was arctic cold and too strong now, so she couldn’t care that much. “Mr. Hawkins, please let go of me first. Mr. Myron and I didn’t. ” Florence wanted to explain, but her words were interrupted by the man’s voice. “Mr. Hawkins? Mr. Myron? So, in your heart, you are addressing me the same way as you do to a man that you only know for a few days. Am I in the same position as he is? Or maybe, Mr. Myron has a higher position?”Ernest had never expected that he would care about those details so much. However, when he heard the two titles from her mouth together, he felt so unpleasant to hear and a sharp pang in his heart. Florence was completely startled, wondering what happened to this man tonight. Wasn’t it just a title? Besides, if she didn’t address Reynold as Mr. Myron, what should she call him?She said gingerly, “We’re truly coworkers only. He gave me the flowers because they were from another girl. He’s a man, so they are useless to him. Hence, he gave them to me instead. ”Florence said quite seriously and looking straight into his eyes. She was afraid that he wouldn’t buy it. In that case, she didn’t know what he would do when he was furious.