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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 81: Mr. Hawkins’ Trick of Delaying

Early in the morning, Florence was dragged out of the bed by Melissa even before her alarm clock went off. She washed herself in a daze, “Mom, what’s going on?” “What does Ernest like for breakfast?” Florence cleaned her face and answered casually, “Light dishes and porridge, or milk and salad. ” Melissa looked up and down at Florence, “Why are you so clear of it?” Florence, who was about to brush her teeth, was froze and blushed in awkwardness. Fearing that Melissa would think too much about it, Florence randomly found an excuse, “I’m just improvising. Normally people like these two diets. ” “Since you’re just improvising, why did you blush?” Apparently, Melissa was not convinced as she directly exposed Florence’s lie. Florence’s face became even redder. She shifted to the other topic awkwardly, “It’s late now. If you want to make breakfast, please be quick. Otherwise, I will be late for work. ” “Alas, my daughter is infatuated with a man. ” Melissa sighed and then walked towards outside while pretending to be depressed. Holding the toothbrush at hand, Florence twitched her mouth corners. So what the hell had she done to Ernest? Florence and Ernest spent the morning under Melissa and Nicholas’ ambiguous gazes. When they finally finished the breakfast, Florence held up Ernest’s hand and rushed out of the house. “Mr. Hawkins, I will go to walk. ” Florence took a step forward after finishing the words, but was then stopped by Ernest. “I’ll give you a ride. ” He paused and then added, “I promised your mother just now that I will ride you to work and pick you up from work. ” Florence was choked and was lost for words. Although Ernest was just acting in front of her parents, it felt so real that she had a feeling that she was sold. With Anthony’s guidance and Shirley’s help, Florence quickly got familiar with her work. Her work today had been going smoothly and there was no accident during the day. When she was about to get off the work, she received a WeChat message. Ernest: [Come to the underground parking lot. ] Staring at the message, Florence was a bit stunned as she recalled what Ernest said in the morning. Did he mean that he will really send her to work and pick her up from the work every day? But their contract regarding their engagement would terminate three days later. Wasn’t it a wise choice for them to alienate each other and keep distance from each other? She pondered for a while and then replied: [Mr. Hawkins, please don’t take my parents’ words to your heart. I can come back by subway. ] Ernest: [I will take you to my home

She felt some inexplicable emotions in heart as some anticipation surged. On the next day, Florence went to the company for work, but she couldn’t calm down herself for the whole day as her mind was filled with matters related to Ernest. She thought that Ernest would take the initiative to talk to her about this matter, but he didn’t show up until it was almost time to get off the work

. When Harold came to her office, Florence asked in a casual tone, “Do you know what Mr. Hawkins is busy with now?”“He’s on a business trip. ”As if he had expected this question from Florence, Harold gave a reply naturally. Florence was dumbfounded. Why was he on a business trip today?“When will he come back?”“Maybe several days later. ”Florence was lost for words. Then what about the cancellation of their engagement?She was a bit depressed. But after pondering for a long while, she still took out her phone and sent a WeChat message to Ernest. Florence: [Mr. Hawkins, are you free now?]But Ernest, who used to reply her message instantly, didn’t reply the message even after several hours. Florence could only console herself that it was because he was busy with his work for the business trip. In the evening, Ernest finally replied the message. It was a concise message. [I’m very busy. Remember to feed the kitten. ]Florence was rendered speechless. Staring at the message, Florence found it hard to text the words she intended to say to him before. Ernest’s business trip lasted for several days. Florence nervously expected him to cancel the engagement on the first day, but gradually accepted the fact that he would not be able to come back recently and the cancellation would have to be delayed. Now she had to go to his house to feed the kitten every day. The little kitten became clingier to her. Every time when Florence went to the house, the kitten would excitedly pounce into her embrace and rub against her, and when she was about to leave, it would cling to her leg with a pitiful look as if it was abandoned by her. Florence felt sorry when looking at it. She felt even distressed when thinking that she would not come to see this kitten several days later. But the kitten belonged to Ernest, not her. Having waiting for Ernest with complicated emotions for several days, he finally came back. Florence then went to his office with an excuse of work-related affairs