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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 573: Must Come Back

At once, fresh blood flowed out in large quantities. The wound was torn. It looked so hideous as if it was badly mutilated. Florence’s eyes reddened. But, she gritted her teeth to hold back her tears. She could not let her tears blur her eyes and prevent her from treating his wounds. Clarence frowned tightly and his heart ached for Florence as he looked at her. He said in a very low voice, “Apply ointment on him, I’ll write the sequence for you. ” “Okay. ” Florence kept herself focused and fully concentrated on dealing with Ernest’s wounds. The faster and the more carefully she handled them, the lesser tortures Ernest would suffer. During the whole process, Clarence was really just watching her. Even when she helped Ernest to turn over, he also did not help. Florence thought that he might really want to let her be fully responsible to take care of him so she did not think much about it. Looking at Ernest’s hideous wounds that were everywhere on his body, she did not have time to think much about anything else too. Not knowing how many minutes ticked by, Florence was so tired that she was sweaty. Her hands went weak after she finally dealt with all wounds of Ernest. Seeing Ernest being wrapped in new gauze and lying quietly on the bed, the tears that welled up in Florence’s eyes finally could not help but fall. She hugged her legs and sobbed. She expected him to live but she did not think that after he survived from a narrow escape, he would live with such difficulty and agony. If such serious injuries were not carefully taken care of, he would suffer a lot. In the future, it might leave many after-effects. Her heart ached for him so much that it was constantly throbbing with pain. Clarence, who was standing aside and watching Florence crying frowned tightly. He comforted softly. “Flory, at least he is still alive, isn’t it?” At least, he was still alive after escaping death. It was a great fortune out of misfortunes. Florence got choked up and said, “Clarence, we must leave here as soon as possible to find Collin. ” Only Collin could save Ernest. She could not stand one more day to see him lying like this. Clarence’s eyes were with complicated feelings but he nodded firmly. “Trust me, the messages will definitely be sent out tomorrow. At that time, you just need to wait here and wait for their rescue. ” With Stanford’s speed, he definitely would not make Florence wait for too long. This was also their only hope now

He suddenly kept silent. His serious expression made Florence suddenly feel uneasy. She spoke anxiously, “Is it going to be dangerous? You don’t have much confidence, do you?”“I’m 100% confident to be able to contact Stanford, don’t worry

. ” Clarence’s attitude was firm. But, Florence could not feel at ease. She said eagerly, “What about you?”Clarence pursed his lips and his face darkened. Then, he curled into a casual smile. He said in a manner as if it did not really matter for him, “It’s certainly a little risky to do such a big thing. I've prepared a plan of escape and I won’t be caught usually, but it’s also a little possible that I may be caught. ”A little possible?Or was it highly possible?Florence frowned even more, “Clarence, are you hiding something from me? Are you planning to risk your life to do something very dangerous?”“How is that possible?”Clarence retorted Florence without even thinking. He showed a smile that looked like a coxcomb. “Do you think I look like a fearless and selfless hero who takes risks and sacrifices his life to save you guys?”Florence was speechless. Clarence added, “Don’t think too much. With the current situation, it will certainly be risky whenever we go out. But, we can’t be locked up here to wait for death, right?”“Relax, wait for me here to come back. If I don’t come back, don’t be anxious too. As long as the messages are sent out, we’ll all be rescued after Stanford comes. ”“But you…”Florence still wanted to say something but she was interrupted by Clarence’s firm words. “Florence, you must protect yourself well. Ernest’s life is now in your hand. You must remember that no matter what you encounter, you must be calm. ”Stunned, Florence gazed at Clarence in front of her who was serious. She suddenly felt very unfamiliar. He was always like a coxcomb and a gangster in front of her. He was always not serious. But after this incident, being a young master who never did household chores, he already knew how to cook porridge and make dishes in the kitchen. He was previously someone who did not even know what was disinfectant potion but now, he knew how to skilfully do the dressing change and bandaging. Clarence had apparently grown up after facing many obstacles. He had worked so hard to live so she should not be weak and giving up. Florence nodded forcefully and said seriously. “I’ll wait for you here to come back. You must come back after you finish the matter. ”