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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 342: My Dearest Brother

Stanford looked a bit awkward. He wanted to speak but swallowed his words back. Collin’s gaze swept between them. Smiling, he said playfully, “Your brother has told you bedtime stories for a whole night, so today his voice became hoarse. ” “What?” Florence gaped. Even he was telling her bedtime stories, as long as she had fallen asleep, he should have stopped. She wondered why he would have sat there and told her stories for a whole night. Didn’t his throat hurt? “You are way too talkative. ” Stanford cast a cold glare at Collin. He turned around and explained to Florence gently, “You didn’t sleep soundly after falling asleep. You’ve been having nightmares all the time. But if I told you bedtime stories, you would calm down. ” That was why he kept telling the stories for a whole night. Florence looked at Stanford in shock. The softest part of her heart got a hit, making her eyes reddened. It wasn’t until now did she realize how it felt when she was treasured and spoiled by her family. Although she might have lost everything, as long as Stanford was there and she still had her family, she still had something. She still had her family as the strongest backers who wouldn’t dump her. Florence suddenly felt that her heart wasn’t so empty as before. She said between sobs, “Thank you, my dearest brother. ” “You. What did you call me?” Stanford stood up from the chair suddenly. The shock was written all over his handsome face. Although he had found Florence and she had agreed to stay here, she always distanced herself from him. She had never called him brother before. But now, she called him her dearest brother. Stanford had established a business empire before, but the joy he had at that time couldn’t be comparable to how he was feeling now. “Flory, please call me again!” Collin’s mouth corners twitched. He couldn’t bear it any longer, covering his face. He couldn’t accept that this happy man who had become foolish because of joy was still Mr. Fraser, who was elegant, stately, and decisive in Europe. He wondered if it was a clone in front of him. Seeing Stanford so excited, Florence blushed slightly, feeling quite warm in her heart. Her lips parted and she called him in a low voice, “My dearest brother. ” “My dearest sister!” Stanford answered immediately. He smiled more deeply as if he had gained the most precious treasure in this world. His younger sister had come back to him truly. After this matter, Florence seemed to let go of the thing that kept bothering her. She dared to face things in reality

“Florence, please don’t go. The working environment and opportunities are so good here. If you continue working here, you’ll definitely become a famous designer

. Why do you have to give up this chance?”A lot of people fought fiercely but failed to enter the Hawkins Group. Florence was more superior to an A-list designer in this company, and she had much better resources than those of famous designers. What she had was so excellent that countless people dreamed about it. However, Florence just wanted to quit without any hesitation. “Shirley, I have my own reasons. I really have to quit. You are very talented. Please keep up with your good work!”Florence patted Shirley on her shoulder to comfort her. Then she pulled Shirley’s hand off decisively. There were so many memories for her, if she stayed too long, Florence was afraid that she would be reluctant to leave. Staring at her empty hands, Shirley looked quite disappointed. After a hesitation, she asked tentatively, “Florence, do you want to quit because of Mr. Hawkins?”Florence suddenly paused her hands when packing up her stuff. She wondered if Shirley had known that she broke up with Ernest. It made sense . the Hawkins family’s marriage was such eye-catching news and the biggest gossip in this company. The cancellation of the engagement should be the headline. It should have been found out long ago. Florence believed that all her coworkers in the company also had known why she called off the engagement. Now, she had nothing to do with Ernest at all in all aspects. She was no longer Mr. Hawkins’ fiancee. The suppressed feelings in her heart boiled, bitterness surging in her heart. Florence gritted her teeth to suppress them so that she wouldn’t look so embarrassed. “I’m going to Anthony’s office now. ”After finishing her words, despite the half-packed stuff, Florence strode out with the resignation letter in her hands. She suddenly felt that the atmosphere in her office was too stressful. She was worried that she might break down in Shirley’s presence if she continued staying there. Since she was leaving the company, she wanted to maintain her last dignity and pride. Seeing Florence come in, Anthony was a bit surprised. Looking at the envelope in her hands, he immediately understood why she was here. He frowned. Stopping everything he was doing, Anthony said, “Hi, Florence. How are you? Please have a seat. ”