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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 115: My Man

Ernest just stood at the entrance and watched and Florence finally relieved after getting on the car. Ernest really had been awake. She preferred it because when he was drunk, he refused to let het cold no matter what means she adopted. Phoebe, who was driving the car, studied Ernest from the rear-view mirror from time to time. “Tsk, tsk, what a stunning hunk. He even looks so sexy in a night-robe. Even I have an impulse to take off his cloth and have sex with him in the car. ” The scene that Ernest was wearing only an underpants in the bathroom flashed across Florence’s mind. Her cheeks became red, “Erotic girl. Pay attention when driving. ” “Oh, Flory, are you implying me not to look at him? Tsk, it just has been a short time, and he has already become your man?” “What? My man? I don’t have any actual relationship with him. ” Florence retorted with uneasiness. Phoebe asked with doubt, “Really? If that’s so, why did he ask you to pick him up after getting himself drunk? A single man and a single woman stayed together in the same room in the midnight… Both of you have changed your clothes. No one would believe it if you say that you only took off your clothes and hadn’t done anything else. ” “We… We really hadn’t done anything else. ” Florence retorted weakly. She almost saw Ernest’s bare body tonight. Looking at Florence’s reaction, Phoebe chuckled, “Flory, actually, no matter from which aspect, I think Mr. Hawkins seems to have some feelings for you. ” “He likes the other woman. ” Florence felt upset when mentioning about this, “Maybe men all like flirting with women. ” “People like Mr. Hawkins can get all kinds of women they like. If he likes to flirt with women, do you think that he will still be single and flirt with you now? If that’s the case, he would have had many women by his side. ” Phoebe twitched her mouth. She always had a feeling that because Florence was not an onlooker of her relationship with Ernest, she couldn’t figure it out. Phoebe then added, “Moreover, as for that Gemma, you said that she’s Ernest’s true girlfriend. Then why wasn’t she the person to pick up Ernest when he was drunk tonight?” “Maybe… It’s because it was Harold who made the phone call. He keeps calling me sister-in-law and regards me as Ernest’s girlfriend. ” “Not so. As far as I know, Harold, Ernest and Gemma grew up together and they are good friends. Judging from Harold’s relationship with Ernest, as for which woman does Ernest really like, Harold is clear of it than anyone else

But out of Florence’s expectation, Ernest ordered a kind of food – stir-fry crayfish. She rarely saw food that had shells appeared on Ernest’s table because this kind of food required him to shell the food by himself and this was troublesome. When Florence was still shocked, Ernest had put on a pair of gloved and shelled the crayfish one by one swiftly

. Clipping the tender meat with his fair and slender fingers, he naturally sent it to Florence’s mouth, “Open your mouth. ”Florence was dumbfounded and gazed at him in disbelief. Ernest actually shelled the crayfish for her and fed her. Was it her dream?Right at this moment, the women sitting at the surrounding tables discussed in whispers. “Wow! I’m really envious of that girl. Her boyfriend is so handsome and gentle. He even shelled the crayfish for her. ”“OMG. I’m also so jealous. I also want to be treated like that. ”Florence’s cheeks uncontrollably turned red. She was not Ernest’s girlfriend. She didn’t dare to look at Ernest and replied in a low voice, “I can shell it by myself. ”“It doesn’t matter. You help me take off my clothes last night. Courtesy demands reciprocity. ”Florence was choked. Her heart thumped wildly that it almost jumped out of her throat. What the hell was going on?Moreover, he spilled out such a shameful thing like taking off his clothes last night openly…Florence felt so embarrassed that she even wanted to find a hole on the ground to hide herself. Ernest appreciated her shyness in a good mood. He stubbornly put his fingers that were clipping the crayfish meat in front of her mouth and even moved forth. Florence was very flustered. With a red face, she opened her mouth and intended to eat the meat as soon as possible. However, Ernest moved his fingers forward and his fingers touched her lips. When Florence closed her mouth, she happened to bite his fingers. “…”It was as if a bomb had exploded in her mind and Florence’s mind totally went blank. Ernest’s gaze uncontrollably darkened and there seemed to be some desire in his eyes.