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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 367: Negotiation Failed

It had been a long time that an outsider said such things to Wendell. Those people who had said so in his presence already died for decades. Unexpectedly, after so many years, Ernest could find him because of the Fraser family. Wendell looked at the handsome young man in front of him, meeting his sharp and affirmative gaze on the familiar face. He couldn’t deny it at all. Since Ernest could come all the way to find him here, Wendell believed that he must have done the detailed investigation. Ernest wouldn’t believe his denial at all. “Let’s talk upstairs. ” As he spoke, Wendell walked upstairs with a solemn look. Wendell admitted his relationship with the Fraser family much faster than Ernest had imagined. He even didn’t need to use his force. He guessed probably it was also because that Wendell knew his mother. No matter what, Ernest was quite pleased with the result. Pressing his thin lips, he followed Wendell. Gemma had a pale face, standing motionlessly. She almost went nuts. She regretted so much that she wished she could strangle herself. It turned out that Florence had been taken away, and Ernest couldn’t find her. It was supposed to be an excellent opportunity for her, but she had led Ernest to Lord Wendell personally. Judging from what had happened just now, Gemma guessed that probably Wendell truly knew where Florence was. That meant she had truly helped Ernest find Florence, hadn’t she? Gemma stomped in anger. She was so reluctant. With a darkened face, she wanted to follow the two men, trying to make some trouble. However, when she arrived at the stairs, two strong bodyguards with muscles stopped her. “Excuse me, Miss. You can’t go upstairs. ” Gemma immediately pointed at Ernest who was faster than her and walking on the stairs. “I’m his date. We’re together. ” “Miss, please wait here for him. ” The bodyguards were quite determined, unwilling to let her through. Gemma was quite annoyed. Looking at Ernest’s back reluctantly, she was so angry that she almost gritted her teeth into pieces. However, she was still in Lord Wendell’s territory. She couldn’t do anything as Wendell didn’t want her to go upstairs. After a thought, Gemma walked aside and pulled her phone to make a call. “Check what on earth happened to Florence Fraser. Now!” -- Comparing with the vivid atmosphere downstairs, it was extremely quiet on the second floor. When they were walking in the corridor, their footsteps could be heard clearly. Wendell took Ernest to the living room. Sitting on the sofa, his wrinkled face looked quite serious

But she’s the little miss of the Fraser family, dearly loved by the couple and young master of the family. They’ve found her back after putting in so much effort, so they must treasure her very much. Even if you just want to meet her again, it would be way too difficult

. ”Let alone Ernest wanted to bring Florence back. Wendell pitied Ernest. It would be fine if he had fallen in love with someone else, but why did he fall in love with the princess in misfortune?In fact, they could get married, but back then, Ernest’s mother had cut ties with the Turner family so decisively. “Ernest, just listen to me. Please give up. You can’t be with her at all. ”Ernest frowned, a touch of darkness flashed through his eyes. He had never given up on anyone that he wanted. He said in a deep voice, “I’ll find her. No matter what happens in the future, it’s all up to me. Uncle Wendell, I hope you can tell me the location of the Fraser family. ”Also, he was requesting, his tone was quite domineering, unwilling to accept any refuse. Wendell creased his brows. Although he didn’t have the heart to do so, he still shook his head. “I’m sorry. I truly can’t. ”Ernest’s face became more darkened. Although he had expected the result, he still felt quite depressed. He didn’t have the confidence to get the location of the Fraser family from Wendell, but he had means and plans for vigorous implementation. “In this case, please excuse me. ”Ernest stood up and walked out of the living room without any hesitation. His tall and strong back looked arrogant and decisive. Wendell frowned deeply, looking quite disappointed and depressed. The butler came over from aside, looking in the direction where Ernest was leaving worriedly. “Earl, do you think he has given up?”The Fraser family was the biggest secret to them, which was also quite sensitive. Anyone who got to know the secret would make all of them alert. Wendell shook his head. “I don’t think so. Probably he has already kept an eye on us. ”The butler was shocked. “But you’ll go back to the Fraser family in two days. If you are followed, will the location be exposed?”“Indeed. That’s why I’ve got a migraine. Alas. ”Wendell rubbed his temples, looking so depressed. How come this just happened to him? He wondered what he should do.