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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 657: Never Apart

In a surprise, Florence suddenly had a horrible idea in her mind. Did they stay up all night and waiting in the living room, hoping Ernest and she would come downstairs after having sex? Florence subconsciously denied it. It was half-past eleven in the morning. Seeing that Florence was carried here by Ernest and her face was ruby, Phoebe felt worried for her. She rushed over and asked anxiously, “Flory, are you all right?” When she got closer, Florence saw Phoebe’s bloodshot eyes and the dark circles under them. It confirmed her wild guess just now. They truly hadn’t slept for a whole night, just waiting for her here. Florence blushed, feeling a sense of guilt. “I’m fine. ” She immediately shook her head. Then she patted Ernest on his shoulder and hinted. “Please put me down. ” Under so many gazes, she felt quite embarrassed. Ernest pressed his think lips. Instead of putting her down immediately, he strode over to the sofa and put her down gently on it. He said in a low voice, “Just sit there. You can’t stand up. ” Florence blushed again. She dared not to stand up and walk on her own now. Her legs were weakened. Even if she stood up, she would walk quite strangely. Under so many people’s gazes, she didn’t want to make fun of herself at all. Watching their interaction and looking at Florence’s embarrassed face, Phoebe became more confused and uneasy. She roughly knew what had happened last night. However, it lasted a whole night and a whole morning, and Florence was carried downstairs. She was truly worried about Florence. Phoebe followed them to the sofa, sitting next to Florence. Pulling her hand, Phoebe whispered to ask, “Flory, can you hold on?” Florence shook her head with a bushed face. Her eyes twinkled in shyness. She whispered to answer, “Ernest was worried about me, so he insisted on carrying me down. I’m completely fine. ” Phoebe was speechless. Suddenly, she felt as if she watched them do PDA. Right then, they heard a loud bang. Ernest, who was standing beside Florence, suddenly took a few steps back to maintain his balance

Then after three years, would Florence become a widow?Alexander was so angry that he felt a sharp pang in his chest. He truly wanted to separate Florence and Ernest immediately. However, things came to this end all because his wife had helped to bring it about

. Now he realized neither he nor his wife would have the right to stop them. “Misfortune! Alas. Doomed love!”Alexander couldn’t help sighing. Clarence stood stiffly, looking at Florence with a complicated expression. His eyes were full of pain. He was reluctant, but he couldn’t speak anything at all, and nor could he do anything. In this entanglement of love and hate, from the beginning to the end he was just an actor and substitute. After everything was disclosed, he should take a curtain call and leave. However, he had a crush on the heroine and fell in love with her, which he shouldn’t. He was just an unimportant existence. No matter how much he felt sorry for Florence, he could not even get involved at all. He could only watch without doing anything, hoping that she could overcome all the difficulties so that she could be happy. Phoebe subconsciously gripped Florence more tightly. She was quite surprised that the matter between Florence and Ernest was so huge. It was relevant to life and death. Making love is a happy matter at will. However, Ernest’s destiny relied on Florence. She would become so suffered. Phoebe looked at Florence with concerns with indescribable feelings. Florence was trembling violently, looking at Ernest in surprise. She didn’t know those facts earlier. Now she had known it, and she felt sorry for him immediately. In a strange combination of circumstances, she wondered how terrible Ernest’s health was now so that he needed her to survive. With a sore nose, tears welling up in her eyes, Florence said between sobs, “I’m willing to. As long as I can save him, I’m willing to do anything. ”She turned to look at Ernest with sorrow, but she tried her best to force a smile, “Ernest, now you must take me with you to look for the herbs. You can’t have any excuse to refuse me. No matter where you go, I’ll go with you together. I won’t leave you. ”Inwardly, she said determinedly, ‘Ernest, I’m willing to become your antidote and be used by you. ”