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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 468: New Love, Old Love

Under the stares of so many pairs of eyes, Ernest’s expression remained calm and collected. He slowly opened his mouth and said, “You can’t take spicy food yet. ” In the past few days, Florence had eaten only light food, watching her diet carefully. But she was someone who enjoyed spicy food, after so many days of taking light food, she couldn’t take it anymore. Now that she could join everyone for meals, of course she wanted to eat a few pieces of spicy chicken to satisfy her craving. Florence raised her eyes and looked at Ernest pitifully. She said, “I’ve already recovered, I’ll just eat a little, just two pieces. ” Her voice was soft and gentle, as if flirting, it made people’s heart soften and couldn’t bear to reject her. Ernest’s gaze flickered, his voice gentle, but his attitude was firm. “Nope. ” Florence, “…” She pouted, extremely unhappy, Ernest was being too bossy. She looked at the spicy chicken cubes on the dish with reluctant eyes, unwillingly retracted her chopsticks, and said pitifully, “Fine, I’ll not eat it, I’ll eat them in two days. ” Looking at her pitiful expression, Ernest gave smiled dotingly. His chopsticks swung around, and rested on a dish that was light but flavourful. He picked up a piece of meat and put it in Florence’s bowl. “Eat this. ” Even though it wasn’t as spicy, the sauce concocted by the chef was extremely fragrant, it was also delicious. Florence gave a laugh, picked up the chicken happily, and started eating. Victoria looked at the interaction between the two of them quietly, and gave a satisfactory smile. The concern that Clarence had shown Florence, was considered extremely attentive, but most importantly, he was gentle but firm, and could keep Florence in place. If it were them, once Florence had flirted with them just now, they would have let her eaten a few pieces. But not only could Clarence make Florence not eat, but he could also make her happy in the mean time. If in the future, Clarence could be by Florence’s side taking care of her, they would not have to worry anymore… “Uncle and aunt, cousin and I have been here disturbing you guys for quite some time, sorry for troubling you. Once Florence has recovered after a few days, we should also be heading back

” Seeing Florence’s sparkling eyes, how could Ernest even bear to reject her. He pursed his lips, and replied lightly and slowly, “Alright. ” Florence was even happier now

. Phoebe was drinking her soup, and the corner of her lips raised slightly, giving off a smile of victory. When she raised the idea of heading back, she hadn’t intended to really leave, she was simply testing Victoria’s tone and attitude. The results had been extremely satisfactory. In this case, Victoria had already allowed Florence and Ernest to go out together, this basically meant that she had impliedly agreed to the two of them dating. Once they were back from this vacation, they could also come back with another baby, then they would have the best reason to get married…It doesn’t matter whether it’s Ernest or Clarence then. Phoebe was dwelling in her sweet thoughts, when suddenly she heard an interruption. Stanford said, “Florence where would you like to go? I’ll go with you. ”Florence, “…”Phoebe, “…”Stanford had such a big family to be worried about, wasn’t he busy at all, why did he have to tag along everywhere?How would Florence and Ernest spend time alone happily, and make a baby?Unconsciously, Florence wanted to reject him immediately, she wanted to find a reason to make him not go. She was just about to open her mouth when Ernest grabbed her little hand under the table, hinting at her not to say anything. Ernest looked at Stanford with deep eyes, and said,“It’s great that Mr. Fraser would be going too, if not, there’re two ladies, I might not be able to handle them both. ”It would definitely be Ernest taking care of Florence. Hence what he meant would be that Stanford would be taking care of Phoebe. Stanford looked at the smiling lady seated at the side, the corner of his lips quivered, and suddenly he felt a chill down his spine. He suddenly didn’t feel like going anymore. Victoria had agreed to let Florence and Clarence travel together, this also meant that she had allowed them to date and be together. Word about this had very quickly spread to other people. Benjamin was so angry that he almost destroyed all the furnishings in his room. “Damn it, I would never allow them to be together, Ernest hasn’t even won the fight, how dare Clarence fight with me for Florence!”His subordinate stood at the side, breaking out in cold sweat, trembling. Boldly, he said, “On matters of relationship, status has no place in it. Master, we have indeed failed, it’s time to go back…”“No! I will never fail, if Clarence wants to marry Florence, it’s not going to be so easy for him!”Benjamin clenched his fist, his gaze dark and sinister, “Where is Ernest? Hunt him down and tell him this news! I don’t believe that he will be able to calm down when he realizes that the love of his life is going to marry another man!”When that time comes, one was her old love, another was her new love, he’ll watch how Florence picked!