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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 638: Nostalgia

With a touch of a complacent smile on his face, Addison answered, “Of course!” Florence’s tightened heart finally relaxed. She asked hurriedly, “How’s Clarence doing now? Is he safe? Where is he locked up? Please don’t waste time. Hurry up and rescue him!” She kept questioning, showing how eager she was. Immediately, Addison answered with a smile, “Miss Fraser, please don’t worry. Ass soon as we got to the location, I’ve sent people to rescued Mr. Jenkins. Now he’s been saved safely. He suffered a lot but he was alive. He should be on the way to Fraser’s house now. ” Upon hearing it, Florence finally breathed a sigh of relief. Clarence was safe now. In the past few weeks, she always felt uneasy. She didn’t dare to imagine how much Clarence would suffer because of her. She was afraid that she could never pay back what she had owed Clarence. A dark light flashed through Ernest, who was a bit unhappy. He disliked it when Florence missed another man wholeheartedly. Reaching out, he grabbed her hand and held it tightly. He whispered, “I’ll make it up to him after we get back. ” Florence was a bit startled. She could roughly understand that Ernest would help her, but shouldn’t she pay the favor in return personally? She hesitated for a moment and asked, “I don’t think it’s appropriate to do so. ” “Florence,” Ernest interrupted her. He stared at her deeply and said in a magnetic, elegant, and domineering voice, “Everything about you is all about me. I should pay what you owe back to him. ” He was quite overbearing and didn’t allow her to say no. Florence felt sweet as if her heart was soaked in a honey jar. She liked the feeling a lot, just like that Ernest and she was a one that couldn’t be parted. “Ah. Ah. ” Right then, lying on the floor, Benjamin started to twitch violently. His face trembled and muscles all over his body twisted. He looked extremely painful. White foam flew out of his mouth uncontrollably. He looked miserable and disgusting. Florence frowned, pressing herself into Ernest’s arms. With a frown, she asked, “What’s wrong with him?” Addison answered calmly, “All the nails were taken forcibly from his arms and legs. He would die soon without any medical treatment. Then he has lost in the deep destructive hypnosis for a long time

” Clarence was already on the way, so she wanted to go home as soon as possible to see him. Ernest nodded, walking out of the room with Florence in his arms. Only blood and death were left in the room

. Phoebe came to the Turner’s house with them together, but because of her identity and they didn’t want her to meddle in the complex Turner family, she was staying on the private jet, waiting for them to come back. That was one of the reasons why they would leave as soon as the problems were resolved. Phoebe knew what they were doing today was the key to find Clarence. She had been waiting for them in nervousness while sitting in the jet. Finally, she got the news that Florence and others were on the way back. As soon as she saw someone board the jet, she excitedly stood up and asked in a hurry, “How is my cousin. ” She didn’t finish her question. Phoebe met Stanford’s eyes off-guard, and she muted herself immediately. She felt embarrassed and regretful. She was too eager to notice that Stanford was the first one boarding the jet. “I’m sorry. I thought you were Flory. ”Phoebe lowered her head, her eyes twinkling. Her attitude was awkward. She distanced herself from him. Stanford felt depressed, a wave of anger surging in his heart all of a sudden. He truly didn’t like Phoebe in this way. With a darkened face, he said in a low voice, “Clarence has been rescued safely. He’s on the way to Fraser’s house. If nothing unexpected will happen, you may see him when arriving. ”“Really? That’s great!” Phoebe said excitedly. Her hanging heart instantly fell back to her chest. Her voice was raised and she sounded quite delighted. Stanford’s eyes suddenly lit up, gazing at her. He just felt that her joyful face was the sudden lit-up light in a dark night. She looked so stunning. It also reminded the memories about her that had been hidden at the bottom of his heart. Phoebe used to be like this - optimistic and bright. Her eyes were always full of smiles. After such a long time, Stanford finally saw her happy face. He felt as if it had been several centuries. He missed it. Phoebe, who was overjoyed, suddenly looked into Stanford’s deep and complicated gaze. The smile was stiffened on her face, which was darkened instantly