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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 222: Not Bad. You Care About Me More and More

However, Ernest didn’t care about the man opposite who was going nuts. He browsed the menu elegantly and put it down. Then he ordered a few dishes. The waiter wrote them down. However, Reynold was still puzzled. He looked over at Florence. “What would you like to eat? Please order some. ” Florence hurriedly waved her hand and said subconsciously, “What Mr. Hawkins ordered just now are all my favorite dishes. ” Reynold stiffed, feeling quite surprised. He wondered how Ernest would know what Florence’s favorite dishes were. Ernest was so familiar that he made the order without any hesitation. Seeing that Reynold was confused, Ernest explained to him out of rare kindness, “Florence and I are staying together. I know what her favorite dishes are. ” “What? You’ve been living together when you were in City N?” Reynold couldn’t keep calm any longer upon hearing his words. He stood up excitedly, looking at the two opposite. He felt like that he was struck by the lightning, and he couldn’t accept it at all. In difficulty, he squeezed a few words between his teeth, “You. Are you living together before marriage?” His words made Florence blushed. She felt that her cheeks burned. In embarrassment, she explained, “It’s not what you think. I just. for some reason, I’m staying in Mr. Hawkins’ house. I’ll move out when I’ve found a suitable apartment. ” She refused to admit t that they were living together before marriage. Ernest’s hand that was holding Florence’s waist tightened a bit. He felt a bit unhappy -- why did she explain in such details? Besides, it was a fact that they were living together and they were sharing the same bed. Although Florence explained, it was the same for Reynold. He only knew that Florence was living with Ernest. That was why Ernest opened stayed in Florence’s suite of the hotel. At the thought that they were staying together, Reynold felt sharp pangs in his heart as if he was stung by needles. Frowning, he sat down unhappily, emanating an aura that he would be furious the next second. Ernest cast a cold glance at him, pressing his lips into a threatening arc. The waiter saw they stop talking, so he asked, “Excuse me, Mr. Myron. What dishes would you like to order?” “Same as before,” Reynold muffled, looking quite disappointed. He even had lost his appetite. The waiter looked at Florence and Ernest again, “Excuse me, Mister and Miss, what else would you like to order?” Ernest didn’t answer. After a thought, Florence said, “Add a cod dish, please

The dishes had also become tastier. Sure enough, Reynold realized that Ernest was the man he didn’t like. However, Ernest was answering the call, which meant that it wouldn’t take him much time

. Also, it meant that Reynold wouldn’t enjoy his happiness for a long time. Since the time was so valuable, Reynold didn’t waste the chance. Looking up at Florence, he said, “Florence, I want to have a private talk with you. ”Seeing Reynold look so solemn, Florence felt a sense of guilt immediately. Due to Ernest this whole morning, she could see how much trouble he had brought. However, she wasn’t so aggressive as Ernest, and nor dared she instruct him to do things. She could only say apologetically, “Mr. Myron, I’m sorry for what’s happening today. I didn’t know that Mr. Hawkins would follow me here so suddenly. He was not so easy-going. Please don’t mind. ”And Ernest was extremely petty today. Hearing that Florence made an apology on behalf of Ernest, Reynold felt upset again. Seemingly he minded seeing that Florence and Ernest got along so intimately. Suddenly, an idea came to his mind. Reynold stared at Florence sharply. He asked in a serious tone, “Florence, what the real relationship between you and Ernest Hawkins?”Florence was stiffened suddenly, feeling a sense of guilt. The real relationship between them?She guessed that maybe Reynold could see there was something fake between Ernest and her. Her fingers that were holding the chopsticks tightened. She said in a not-so-confident tone, “Mr. Myron, what do you mean by that?”Reynold studied Florence’s reaction carefully, squinting. He added, “You guys don’t look like the true lovers. There should be some other relationship between you and him, right?”Although he was questioning her, he sounded quite affirmative. Florence felt more flustered in an instant. Ernest had only been in town for two days, and this was the second time that he was with Reynold. She wondered where they showed the flaw and how Reynold saw it. Although Florence didn’t want to marry Ernest, before Ernest called off their marriage, she couldn’t let others know the truth between Ernest and her. Although it was immoral for Ernest to break his promises, Florence still had her moral rock bottom. Feeling nervous, she pretended to calm and smiled. “Mr. Hawkins and I are not lovers of course. We’re couple-to-be,” she denied Reynold’s guess half-jokingly. Reynold smiled, but his guess was confirmed -- Florence was lying. The relationship between Ernest and her was not like what they had shown. If there was something fishy in their relationship, Reynold believed that he still had the chance.