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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 637: Not Necessary

Upon hearing Collin’s words, Theodore looked over at Ernest immediately. His eyes were sharp. He said in an ordering tone, “Ernest, you should know the power of our Turner family clearly. Pick up someone from the family to help you find the herb. We’ll fully support you no matter what you need. ” Hence, he didn’t want Ernest to reject. Ernest looked the Theodore coldly, curling up his lips into an ironic sneer. Theodore would definitely help him get recovered truly because of his gene with the genetic disease. However, Ernest knew that Theodore had his own intention behind his offer. Once Theodore found the herb and controlled it, he would definitely use it to threaten Ernest with it to make Ernest obedient to him. In that case, Theodore would catch on something of Ernest. He would use it to threaten Ernest, making unreasonable demands. Since Ernest had been confirmed as the heir of the Turner family and the Turners cared about his genes, he wouldn’t let Theodore have something on him under such a circumstance, even though Theodore was his biological grandfather. Ernest parted his thin lips and said in an extremely casual tone, “With my capabilities, it wouldn’t be too difficult for me to find a few herbs. If I can’t find it in the end, I’ll ask the Turner family to help. ” After a pause, he looked over at Theodore with a faint smile. ”Grandpa, you won’t turn me down by then, will you?” Although he was asking Theodore, his words had refused him. Theodore was rendered speechless and he couldn’t insist. His face became more and more darkened. He glared at Ernest unhappily, but Ernest wasn’t impacted by his anger at all. He wouldn’t change his mind either. Fury surged in Theodore’s heart. He felt quite annoyed and regretful. Although Theodore was the master of the Turner family, Ernest had the right to decide on this matter. Theodore had to admit that he couldn’t convince Ernest at all. “Ernest, you must know - you are the heir of the Turner family. Your life and death don’t belong to yourself only. It has an impact on the prosperity and development of the whole Turner family. ” Theodore suppressed his anger and looked at Ernest with a solemn look. Ernest curled up his thin lips slightly into a quite sarcastic smile. Right now, the more Theodore cared about Ernest, the more hilarious and disgusting he looked. Just a few hours ago, Theodore was the person who wanted to abolish him and punish him. Now Benjamin had lost, and Theodore knew that he got the family’s genes, he suddenly treated Ernest so well. No matter how much family affection was offered by Theodore, It was still up to Ernest if he wanted to accept it or not

Ernest looked at her tenderly. Pulling her into his arms, he whispered in her ears, “It’ll be troublesome to get engaged. We engaged once already

. In fact, we can skip this step directly. ” After the engagement, they would get married. Florence widened her eyes in surprise, blushing instantly. Her heart hammered as if there was a rabbit in her chest. She looked forward to it so much. Ernest refused to get any help from the Turners, so he didn’t have anything to do if he stayed in the Turner’s house. After staying with the Turners for several hours, the group was about to leave. Before leaving Turner’s house, Stanford took Florence to the place where Benjamin was imprisoned. Florence had roughly thought that Benjamin might not in a good shape now. However, she didn’t expect that he would look so miserable. He was lying on the cold floor, blood from his wounds covering everywhere. There was a bloody hole on each of all fours of him, blood oozing from them continuously. However, Benjamin seemed to feel no pain at all. He was lying on the floor with his eyes widened. He stared at the ceiling excitedly. He kept speaking in a hoarse tone. He was giving orders most of the time as if he was talking to others. “He was still in the hypnosis dream, believe that he’s in his base and planning how to deal with us,” Addison, who was guarding Benjamin, explained to Florence. He had been here watching Benjamin, and it was he who pulled the nails from Benjamin’s wrists. He misled Benjamin at proper times so that Benjamin thought he was on the way to his base. Florence frowned and asked, “Has he told you where Clarence is?”She wasn’t interested in Benjamin’s force or plan. She only wanted to know if Clarence was safe or not. Ernest was standing next to her. He noticed how eager she looked when asking about Clarence, and an unhappy light flashed through his eyes. Florence indeed cared about Clarence. Suddenly, he felt that it wasn’t worth it to spend so much effort to rescue Clarence. Feeling jealous and unhappy, Ernest started to wonder if he should kill Clarence mercifully when there would be a chance. Florence completely had no idea that Ernest was thinking about such a bloody and brutal matter. She was still waiting for Addison to answer nervously