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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 698: Not Normal

“Ms. Fraser, please don’t worry. Mr. Hawkins doesn’t treat others so nicely. When he goes to the palace, he emanated a strong and aggressive aura. He won’t spread any glance at anyone or talk to anyone at all. “Although the princess is superior, as far as I know, she hasn’t talked to Mr. Hawkins for three sentences so far, let alone other movements. “If she hadn’t stopped the messenger about the news and asked Mr. Hawkins to meet her, he wouldn’t possibly go there. ” Florence was surprised, but she believed that it made sense That was who Ernest was. She still recalled that when they first met, they were about to engage, but he only cast her a glance and spoke three lines to her. Then he left directly. He was so aloof just like a snow lotus on top of the snow mountain - others could see it but touch it. Florence always felt lucky as she could gain his heart later and became the woman by his side. The princess should be hopeless to chase after Ernest. The frustration in Florence’s heart faded away. She became delighted again. With a smile, she held Ernest’s hand and said, “Please go ahead and come back soon. I’ll be waiting here for you. ” He could tell from her crystal clear eyes that she truly didn’t mind. Ernest’s mood also became much better. He held her hand back and said tenderly, “I’ll go after you’ve finished lunch. ” She had been starved for such a long time. He knew that she hadn’t had enough yet. Florence felt quite warm in her heart. She didn’t insist and continued with her lunch obediently. After the torture of hungry in the snow land, she finally felt how happy it was to eat. As long as she could, she must eat properly. However, she was quite considerate to Ernest as well. Shortly after, she finished lunch. After ensuring that she had been full, Ernest pushed her back to the room in person. He reminded her, “Wait for me here. When I’m not around, no matter what happens, you can’t go out of this house. All right?” Florence nodded with a smile, “Okay. I got it. You’ve repeated it several times. ” Ernest had become so nagging after coming to Raflad. Ernest pressed his lips helplessly. He kissed Florence on her forehead. Then he walked out reluctantly

Andrew was sure that one day Ernest would vanish suddenly. Hiding all his thoughts very well, Andrew said with a smile, “Mr. Hawkins is out

. ” Alton saw Ernest coming out from the side hall. He was in a suit, looking tall, strong, and handsome. With the overbearing manners that he was born with, he made others worship him and be humble to him. This man deserved to stand on top of the world and enjoy being treated respectfully. Alton believed that position should be the princess’s husband. The longer he looked at Ernest, the more satisfied Alton became. With a flattery smile, he walked up to Ernest. “Mr. Hawkins, have you done everything here?”“Ehn,” Ernest hummed to answer with a cold look. Alton’s smile became brighter, “Let’s go to the palace then. This way please, Mr. Hawkins. ”They were going to meet the princess, whom Ernest didn’t want to meet at all. He walked forward with a darkened face. Finally, Alton could Ernest back to the place. He breathed a sigh of relief and followed Ernest. The princess didn’t ask for Andrew, but he also followed them immediately. He must try his best to take his duty as the third wheel. Ernest went to the palace at noon. He said he would come back after getting the offering letter. It would take three hours at the most. However, when it reached five or six o’clock in the evening, Florence still hadn’t seen him come back yet. The person who wanted to see him was the princess with an evil intention. Thinking of that, when it was getting late, Florence became uneasier and uneasier, starting to worry about him. She had been watching at the door of her room for a long time. The longer she waited, the more worried she was. She couldn’t help but walk slowly towards the gate. Fortunately, after a few hours, her twisted ankle had almost recovered. She could walk slowly. Andrew was rich, so the entrance of his house was quite huge. There was a bench inside the door, on which Florence could sit and wait. Sitting on the bench, Florence half-opened the door so that she could look in distance outside, and meanwhile, people outside wouldn’t find her easily. In that case, she could avoid a lot of trouble. When Florence went to wash clothes, she walked through the back door, outside of which was a river. In front of the front entrance, there was a wide cement road. Opposite Andrew, there was a house of another rich family.