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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 232: Oh No, She Came Across Him!

Erica received a phone call from Ernest before. She was a wise person and came to wait for Florence at the door of the meeting room early in the morning. She felt relieved when she saw Florence. But unexpectedly, she found Florence was coming together with Reynold. They walked towards the meeting room side by side while talking with each other smilingly. They looked like a perfect match of a handsome man and a beautiful woman, which was quite harmonious. But Erica suddenly had a premonition of disaster. Ernest called her in the morning and she learned that there were some problems between Ernest and Florence. But now, the ambience between Florence and Reynold was so harmonious and it looked like they were a couple. But Florence was Mr. Hawkins’ fiancée! If Florence fell in love with the other man, she couldn’t imagine what would happen… Erica was a bit startled. Watching Florence walking towards her, she suddenly got an idea. Erica then hurriedly walked over and held up Florence’s hand. “Florence, you’re finally here. I’ve been waiting for you for a long while. Please come in with me. ” “Erica, what’s wrong?” Florence was confused and followed Erica. Reynold was left behind. Seeing that Florence was getting farther and farther away from him, he hurriedly walked over. There was a rectangle table in the meeting room and usually the attendees could seat themselves at will. Florence was bewildered, “Erica, is there anything urgent?” Erica was a bit stunned when she heard the question. It was just her excuse to separate Florence and Reynold; otherwise, if they walked into the meeting room together, they would sit beside each other. Mr. Hawkins’ relationship with Florence was so subtle now and it would be a disaster if he saw Florence being together with Reynold. Erica quickly put on her thinking cap and casually found an excuse, “I found a problem this morning and I want to discuss with you. ” When speaking, Erica took out a folder and turned to a page and then found a topic to start a conversation with Florence. Florence had always been a conscientious person and she immediately became serious although this seemed not to be a big problem for Erica. Moreover, Erica never had a discussion with her in usual times, why did she suddenly come to her today? When Florence was still guessing randomly, a tall man suddenly sat down beside her. Florence turned her head and found that it was Reynold. A charming smile appeared on Reynold’s half-blooded handsome face as he said casually, “Go ahead with your stuff. ” Florence smiled at him and then continued to discuss the problem with Erica. But Erica felt quite depressed. She had tried her best to separate the two of them

He then slightly furrowed his brows and took a glance at Erica as if thinking of something. She deliberately distanced Florence away from him? She’s indeed Ernest’s capable and loyal subordinate. Could she think that she was able to separate Florence and him by this means? How naïve!Reynold curled up his lips into an enchanting and aggressive smile

. Reynold decisively stood up and walked to Florence. He then looked down at the page that Florence was reading and asked in a gentle voice, “What a coincidence. I made a systematic analysis of this topic several days ago. You can take my analysis as a reference and it will be easier for you to understand it. ”Reynold then sat down beside Florence. He turned on his tablet PC and then put it at the place between him and Florence. “Really? Thank you so much, Mr. Myron. ”Florence was so anxious just now because she couldn’t fully get hang of the key points of this topic in such a short period of time, and Reynold’s analysis was a timely support for her. She was cheered up and began to study the document with Reynold’s analysis as a preference. Then she found that she understood it quickly. Apparently, Reynold was very familiar with this topic. He answered Florence’s questions from time to time, which pleased her a lot. Erica, who watched the scene aside, pulled a long face. She had racked her brain to find a way to separate Reynold and Florence. But Reynold was like a sticky candy and became more intimate with Florence. Now they even read the document together head to head, which looked excessively intimate. If Mr. Hawkins saw this…“Click. ”The clicking sound of leather shoes suddenly sounded. Following the sound, they saw a 1. 9 meter high man stopping at the door of the meeting room. He was in a black wind coat, which made him look quite slender and elegant. There was a layer of frost on his coat. The chill spread from him and it seemed the temperature of the meeting room plunged to below zero in an instant. When seeing clearly who the man was, Erica was stiffened, a drop of cold sweat streaming down her forehead. She had tried her best to separate Reynold and Florence, but she hadn’t expected that Ernest would come so soon and saw…At the moment, Erica’s mind was occupied by four words – they will be doomed.