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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 128: On Fire

Florence was a bit pissed off, but she quickly agreed to it, “Okay, okay. ” Ernest’s face came closer again, “The clothes are in the dressing room. There is a space specially arranged for you. ” Florence planned to just leave her clothes in the bag because there was only two to three sets of clothes in it. Anyway, she didn’t plan to stay for a long period. She didn’t expect that Ernest had already known her tricks. She had no choice but to agree, “Alright. ” Putting these things together really made the room looked like a real couple’s room. His room looked cozy and felt like a home. Ernest pursed his lips in satisfaction. However, he still wouldn’t let her go. He looked at her. His eyes seemed to have a burning fire in it. Florence saw it and started to panic. His breath got closer and closer, which made her felt extremely hot too. She leaned backwards with all her strength and said in a low tone, “Mr. Hawkins, can you make way?” “No. ” Ernest replied, his voice extraordinarily hoarse. He stared at her, his eyes were shining with an uncontrollable desire, “Florence, I want to kiss you. ” Every word he said was so seductive. Florence was stunned. Her face instantly blushed in shyness and her heart panicked. He actually just looked at her and said such words. Furthermore, he told her he wanted to kiss her. How should she react? Should she agree to it? Only then she realized that she made a deal with him. He was not allowed to touch her or kiss her when she was staying here. So, he was asking for permission before he kissed her? Florence felt a pain in her head. She spoke firmly, “I don’t want to. ” “I asked. ” Ernest’s voice was very deep, and it was seductively attracting. He leaned forward. His lips pressed onto hers. If he was not allowed to kiss her simply, he would just ask first, and then kissed her solemnly. His breath forcefully invaded into her mouth. Florence froze again. Her brain couldn’t think straight anymore. How could he do this? That was too mean. She panicked and tried to push him, but her hands were grabbed by him and secured behind her back. His kiss became deeper and deeper… Florence’s body stiffened. Her mind started to blur up and she almost lost her mind. Right at this moment, “Bang!” The door was pushed open from the outside. Charlotte ran into the room, panicked. Her clothes were stained by oil and some black substances

The fire rose and burned the kitchen ventilator. The kitchen ventilator started to melt and began to burn. Fortunately, only the pot was on fire

. The rest of the place was still safe. Florence immediately ran towards the stove. She intended to cover the pot to put out the fire. However, before she could find the pot cover, Ernest pulled her out from the kitchen. “Mr. Hawkins, what are you doing? I need to put out the fire now. ”Florence started to struggle to break away from his grip. “I’ll do it. ”Ernest walked into the kitchen and towards the stove. He looked around and found the lid of the pot. Then he covered the pot with the lid. The fire was covered. After a while, it went out. But Florence was worried as she saw him covering the pot on fire. She saw that the fire burned his hand a little. She quickly approached him and grabbed his right hand. She examined his hand carefully. “How is it? Are you hurt? Does it burn?”His left hand was burned because of Florence. Now that his left hand had not fully recovered, his right was burned too. It was all because of her. She felt extremely guilty about it. Ernest allowed her to hold his hand. His gaze seemed to be tingled with pleasure. He said in a low voice, “It’s a bit hot. ”“Where?”Her heart got nervous and she started to examine his hand carefully. She was so guilty that she caused Ernest to get hurt again. Now, both of his hands were hurt. He couldn’t live on his own anymore. Her hands were very soft, and when she held his hand, he felt comfortable. Ernest spoke in a low voice, his tone seemed to be flirting with her, “The spot you touched. ”Florence was shocked. She thought that she touched his wound. She quickly let go of his hand and looked at the spot she touched. The spot remained fair and nice. It didn’t look like it was burned or hurt. She froze for a moment and realized what he meant. He meant…The spot she touched!“You, you…”Florence was angry and shy at the same time. She quickly let go of his hand. Ernest looked straight at Florence, his deep voice was tinged with pleasure, “Florence, you seem to be very concerned about me