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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 602: One Sided Love

Time passed in the blink of an eye. In the afternoon on the third day… Florence accompanied Ernest in the study room tracking Phoebe. He was on the computer while she fed him fruit and desserts in the meantime working on her designing drafts. But Phoebe and Clarence’s missing made Florence couldn’t concentrate, her drafts were a mess. Ernest’s fingers that moved speedily on the keyboards suddenly stopped. He looked at the screen and then turned to Florence who was almost bored to death. He smiled, “I found Phoebe. ” “Yeah?” His sudden word startled Florence. She stunned and jumped from the chair the next second, “Really? Where is she?” Three days! Ernest said he only needed three days to locate Phoebe and he did it. He was amazing. Ernest pointed at the red dot seen on the map from the screen and said, “Here. ” She was still within the Seaside City territory. But it was not near from here. Florence stood up in excitement, “We can fly there with the helicopter and meet Phoebe right away. ” She couldn’t wait to see Phoebe, she wanted to know whether she was alright, safe or she had suffered. Ernest on the other hand grabbed her hand. He looked at her and asked, “Florence, you discard me once Phoebe is back?” Florence looked at him stunned, what did he say? Did she? And she recalled in a flash that Ernest’s injury was severe, not suitable for a long and tiring trip, so it was better for him not to join the trip to search for Phoebe. Florence frowned suddenly. She wanted to fetch Phoebe by herself but worried to leave Ernest alone here… She stood frozen and frowned in dilemma. Looking at her face in dilemma, Ernest stopped teasing her and said lightly, “Both of us won’t go but there’s someone perfect for this job. ” Both of them not going? Florence puzzled, “Who?” “Your brother, Stanford,” Ernest replied. Florence now remembered what happened between Phoebe and her brother. Part of the reasons for Phoebe’s disappearance was Stanford’s words and attitude

And then he said slowly, "We found Phoebe. ""Is she alright?" Stanford asked immediately without thinking, he looked happy and nervous and sounded eager. They found her, finally found her! Ernest shook his head

. Stanford's smile disappeared in an instant. He stepped forward and asked Ernest worriedly, "Is she hurt? How bad? Which part of her body?" He threw the questions all at once. Florence stared at her brother blankly, he was not the person she knew, like a completely changed person. She had never once seen her gentleman brother this nervous before. And it was about Phoebe. He did care about Phoebe from the bottom of his heart after all. Only now Florence realized Ernest's intention to let Stanford picked up Phoebe. Stanford and Phoebe were not in one-sided love. Since it was mutual love, it would be a perfect time for them to spend some private time together, to settle their misunderstanding and advanced further in their relationship. Florence turned to Ernest and whispered in his ears. "So, you want to be their cupid. "Ernest didn't deny and smiled. He looked at Stanford deeply and said, "I came informing you right after I located her. I'm not sure what happened but I'm informed that she suffered. "Stanford frowned and his body stiffened. Suffered. Phoebe was a well-raised lady, she had lived a rather leisure and problem-free life, never been bullied not to mentioned suffered. But now, she was suffering in this foreign land because of him. The visual of Phoebe wounded all over her body, dirty and pitiful look surfaced in Stanford's mind. His heart stiffened and was in pain