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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 648: Only Florence

When Victoria chose the drug, she didn’t leave Ernest a way out at all. She was certain that Ernest would be defeated by this drug as well. Hence, he would fail to suppress his desire and have sex with Dolores. If that happened, everything was settled. Ernest’s face was darkened immediately. While drinking the cocktail, he knew that there must be something wrong with it. However, he didn’t expect that Victoria would be so ruthless. Would he die if he insisted on not doing it? If he insisted on being together with Florence, Victoria would rather kill him, wouldn’t she? No wonder she was the hostess of the Fraser family who had the power in hand. She was truly heartless. “Ernest, from tonight on, you are destined not to be together with Florence. Please don’t make it hard for yourself. Let me help you. ” Dolores stood up from the sofa, with an enchanting look, she approached Ernest again. Raising her fingers, she put them on his face gently. Her fingers were quite cool. It felt like the iced water in the fire, making Ernest feel deadly cozy. He was drugged, and she was undoubtedly the best antidote to him. Dolores’ voice was so tender and enchanting. “Accept me. You’ll feel better. ” Ernest felt as if he was roasted on a fire. Right then, he truly wanted to feel better, and her suggestion sounded so attractive. Ernest’s eyes slightly twinkled, becoming blurred for a moment. His reason was almost broken down. Noticing it, Dolores kept on luring him. Her exposed body was about to cling to him. “Make love to me. ” Her words reechoed in his mind. His body couldn’t hold the most primitive impulse any longer. His eyes became so reddish. However, inwardly, he was overwhelmed by the disgust. He was sickened. He always distanced himself from women except for Florence. “Ho. I’ll just die. ” Ernest suddenly took a few steps back in stiffened pace, but he looked extremely determined. He walked backward step by step, distancing himself from Dolores bit by bit. “Tell Victoria Wilson -- Florence is her daughter. If she doesn’t agree, I won’t take Florence away from her forcibly. But I love Florence. If I’m still alive, I must be with her. Otherwise, she can kill me today and everything will come to an end. ” After finishing his words, Ernest opened the bathroom door and walked in quickly. Then with a click, he locked the door from the inside. When Dolores came back to her senses, she immediately rushed over, but she failed to open the door of the bathroom. Right now, she finally panicked. She patted on the door in a panic and yelled, “Ernest, you can’t do this

Before she could feel delighted, she hurriedly lay prone in front of the bathroom door. She said anxiously, “Ernest, since you are fine, please open the door. It’s already two and a half hours

. If the time passed, you would break down. ” “I said I’d rather die," Ernest stressed each syllable determinedly. If Dolores would go to call someone in, they would forcibly open the door of the bathroom. He was on the end of his rope already, so he didn’t know what would happen. At least, right now, he could still hold on. Dolores’ face turned pale in fear, collapsing on the floor. She said between sobs, “You’d rather die than having sex with me? Am I that bad to make you disdain?”“I don’t care what you are,” Ernest said in an extremely indifferent tone. His hoarse voice was trembling, “I only want Florence. ”Dolores was lying prone on the floor with an extremely pale face. She couldn’t have the guts to struggle anymore. She smiled while weeping. “But, you won’t get Florence either. You’ll die. You’ll definitely die. Is it worth it?”Her question reechoed in his mind. In the bathroom, he didn’t respond again. Dolores could only hear the sound of the running water. The silence seemed to be the most determined answer to her. It was worth it. …“Ah!”Florence had a nightmare. She suddenly opened her eyes. Sweat beads oozed on her forehead. With a pale face, she couldn’t help shivering. After a long while, her sight was focused. She stared at the ceiling and gradually came back to her senses. It was just a dream. “Holy smoke. So scary. ”She patted her chest, subconsciously reaching out to hold the man lying next to her. However, when she reached out, space next to her was empty. She wondered where Ernest was. Florence was taken aback for a moment. She fumbled for him but only touched the cold quilt. Ernest wasn’t there. She sobered completely. In a hurry, she sat up and turned on the lamp on the nightstand, which lit up the whole room. She looked aside. He wasn’t there. Her room was also empty. Ernest wasn’t seen at all. She checked the time -- it was already past midnight. She wondered why he wasn’t in her room. Florence suddenly had an extremely bad hunch.