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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 357: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Stanford glanced through the room quickly, only to find that Florence didn’t want to take along a lot of things with her. Only she knew why she wouldn’t take them with her. Instead of asking, Stanford smiled. He took the initiative to take over the suitcase in Florence’s hands and then pulled it downstairs. There was a luxurious car parking outside his villa quite long ago. Collin was sitting in the car with both hands on the window. He waved at Florence when seeing her. “Flory, I’ll fly you to Europe!” Stanford glared at him disdainfully. “Shut up! It’s not your turn yet. ” Collin curled his lips. Stanford had gone too far. Without Collin, they probably hadn’t found Florence yet. What Stanford was doing was to kick down the ladder. However, Stanford didn’t feel guilty at all. He helped Florence sit in the passenger’s seat, far away from Collin. Collin felt so upset. Obviously, Stanford was showing off that he had a younger sister, wasn’t he? Florence didn’t care much about how those two men teased each other. She turned around and looked at the villa that was farther and farther away. She knew clearly that she had set off on the new journey. After she left, probably she wouldn’t come back forever. ‘Farewell, City N,’ her inner voice said. -- In the CEO’s office, the Hawkins Group. “Knock. Knock. Knock. ” Suddenly there were some knocks on the door of the quiet office. Ernest was reading documents. Without raising his head, he said, “Enter. ” The glass door was open. Timothy walked into the office. He looked quite hesitant and uneasy. Walking to the desk and stopped, he said gingerly, “Mr. Hawkins, I have something to report. ” “Go ahead,” Ernest uttered two words without looking up at him at all. Timothy rubbed his hands awkwardly. After hesitating for a while, he seemed to finally pluck up his courage again. “Mr. Hawkins, Ms. Fraser is. ” “If you want to tell me about her, you can get out now,” Ernest interrupted his unfinished words coldly. The pressure in the office went down again. Timothy stiffed. Obviously, he could feel a chill rising from his soles. He had been working with Ernest for so many years. He knew it clearly that he would survive only if he shut up now. Otherwise, he would end up quite miserably. However, Mrs. Hawkins just called him in person, asking him to pass her message to Ernest. Timothy dared not to disobey her orders

He just felt annoyed and panicked. Checking the clock on the wall, it was almost half-past twelve. Her flight would take off in one and a half hours

. Only God knew how much he wanted to ask her to stay. However, he had tried several times, but she kept pushing him away and distanced herself away from him again and again. No matter how much he had tried, he couldn’t make her stay. He guessed probably she was leaving with that man. She smiled so brightly when being with him together. Probably that was the best place where she should belong. Ernest pressed his thin lips tightly, his eyes dimmed. He closed the lid of the pend slowly and elegantly. Then he pulled a tissue to clean the ink on the pen. He took out the delicate gift box and put the pen in. The pen was like Florence -- he would keep it in the deepest position of his heart. With the box in his hand, he stood up and walked slowly out of his office. Timothy, standing at the door, saw Ernest come out, and he immediately tightened his body in nervousness. After all, he had spoken so many offensive words just now. With a fawning smile, he said, “Mr. Hawkins, lunch is ready. ”Ernest pressed his think lips without speaking. He walked directly to the elevator. However, he was heading downstairs to the first floor. Timothy looked confused. “Mr. Hawkins, where are you going?”IErnest strode out and uttered a few words coldly, “Don’t follow me. ”After finishing his words, he walked to the parked car along. He started the engine and the car roared away in one go. Timothy was standing in the underground parking lot, looking confused. Gazing in the direction where Ernest’s car vanished for a long while, he finally came back to his senses. He was dumped by Mr. Hawkins again. How pitiful!Timothy pitied himself very much and wiped off his tears. Then, he seemed to recall something. Since Mr. Hawkins drove away by himself, Timothy wondered if he was heading to go after Ms. Fraser. He believed it was highly possible. Ernest drove away from the company, but he was aimless, wondering where he should go. A voice kept urging him in his mind, asking him to go to the airport and to meet Florence. However, this thought was forcibly held back by his reason. Florence would leave City N anyway. He wouldn’t ask her to stay or see her off. Out of sight, out of mind. Aimlessly, Ernest drove around. Then he parked in front of a villa. It was his villa in Senna International Villa Community.