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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 159: Pamper Her to the Greatest Extent

Ernest, who was applying medicine on her wounds, paused. He looked up at Florence and gazed at her with his deep-set eyes. He gently touched his wound with his slender and fair finger, “I feel guilty because I haven’t protected her. ” He felt guilty because he hadn’t protected her. These few words were displayed in an amplified sound in Florence’s mind again and again like a magical spell. Florence gazed at him dully. She couldn’t tell how she felt at the moment. Ernest didn’t disdain her after these things; instead, he said that he felt guilty because he hadn’t protected her. Florence didn’t dare believe that he was so good to her… She felt even more flustered and confused. Florence felt more vigorous after having enough sleep. When her wounds were all re-bandaged, it was time for dinner. Knowing that her parents and Ernest’s grandma were all waiting outside, Florence intended to meet them and accompany them to have dinner together. But Ernest checked her body again and again and finally approved her to go out of the room after making sure that her physical condition would allow her to do that. As Florence had been seriously injured after all and her legs were also wounded, she could not walk steadily. With one hand on the edge of the bed, Florence gazed at the door that was not far away, pondered for a while and then decided to jump to there. But just as she was about to jump up, Ernest walked to her side and held her up from the ground. Florence subconsciously wrapped her arms around Ernest’s neck, which shortened the distance between them two. “Mr. Hawkins, what are you doing?” With a calm and righteous look, Ernest pressed his lips and walked towards outside. He walked out of the room and reached the coriander with Florence in his arms. Florence finally realized that he wanted to take her to the dining hall. But there were so many people downstairs, and she felt embarrassed if Ernest carried her downstairs. Florence flushed, “Mr. Hawkins, please put me down. I can walk downstairs by myself. ” Ernest, who was about to walk downstairs, suddenly stopped. He lowered his head and looked at the woman whose face was flushed in his arms meaningfully. He then said in a deep voice, “Call me by name. ” Was this matter important right now? Florence felt upset as she and Ernest were caring about different things at the moment. But when looking into his deep-set eyes, she was fascinated as if she was sucked into a vortex. This man was really charming. Flustered, Florence shifted her gaze, “Please put me down

” “Are you sure that only this place was wounded?” Melissa asked with uncertainty. Florence nodded her head resolutely, “Mom, really, only this place. ”Melissa heaved a sigh of relief

. But at the next moment, she looked at Florence with a stranger look and then glanced at Ernest. There were complicated emotions in her eyes. Like Melissa, other people also gazed at Florence and Ernest with complicated emotions. Florence felt unease under their gazes? What was wrong?After a short while, she finally realized what was wrong. She only had a slight wound on her calve, but Ernest still carried her downstairs. This was definitely a public display of affection in others’ eyes. Florence’s face became redder. She patted Ernest sulkily and whispered in his ear, “Hurry up to put me down. They’re all looking at you. ”“I will carry you until your wounds are healed. ”Although Ernest’s voice was neither high nor low, it sounded determined and indisputable. He acted as if he hadn’t noticed others’ gazes and walked pass the living room towards the dining room with Florence in his eyes. Melissa looked at Ernest’s tall figure in a dumbfounded state and was inexplicably cheered up. She grabbed Nicholas’ arm, “Our son-in-law-to-be really pampers Flory a lot. But this will spoil her. ”Although it sounded like she was worrying about them, there was obvious praise and even enviousness in her tone. Nicholas also nodded his head with satisfaction, “Men should be like this. Although the wound is slight, he should show his care for his woman and shouldn’t let her suffer grievance. ”While Nicholas and Melissa were quite satisfied with this, Brianna and Georgia, however, were totally astonished. Other people may not know about it, but they were so clear that Ernest had a bad temper and picky taste. He had always been superior and had never cared about other people’s feelings, not to mention showing his concern or taking care of others. He had always been a noble man. But now, he was taking care of a woman carefully and even carried her downstairs because he felt distressed even if his woman would have to suffer the slight pain. Florence was actually an apple in his eyes. “Mom, don’t you think that Ernest is pampering Florence a lot? If they get married, will he become a hen-pecked husband? Oh, this can’t happen. ”Brianna gritted her teeth and said with discontent. She had never expected that Ernest and Florence’s relationship would be improved to such an extent? How could she let them cancel the engagement under such circumstance?