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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 137: PDA

The next day… In the early morning, Charlotte got up. Unable to suppress her excitement, she wanted to witness how Ernest and Florence broke up with each other. Then the next they would announce the cancellation of their engagement. She had been waiting in the living room quite early. She checked the time . at this time usually, Timothy had already delivered the breakfast to the villa. However, so far he hadn’t shown up yet, and neither was the breakfast. In Charlotte’s opinion, it meant that Ernest and Florence had a grudge last night, and they even had lost appetite to have breakfast. Great! Wonderful! Charlotte could hardly hide her complacent smile. Now everything succeeded. She would soon become Earnest’s wife, the young madam of the Hawkins family. She looked in the direction of the stairs expectantly, waiting for them to come downstairs. “Crick-crack. Crick-crack. Crick-crack. ” The footsteps coming downstairs sounded in the quiet morning. Instantly, Charlotte widened her eyes in excitement. With expectant, she looked over, but then she gaped. Ernest and Florence were walking downstairs shoulder-by-shoulder. Ernest’s arm was on Florence's shoulder, intimately holding her in his arms. Florence felt quite uneasy, trying to push his arm away from time to time. However, after she pushed him away for an inch, Ernest wrapped around her shoulder again, even more tightly. The two came downstairs while tugging each other, looking quite harmonious. They even had become more intimate than they were two days ago. Charlotte widened her eyes in disbelief, wondering what was going on. The incident last night was so fierce. Obviously, Ernest was so angry. But after one night, why didn’t he cancel the engagement with Florence, but they had become more close instead? Charlotte couldn’t suppress her confusion. She blurted out, “Florence, are you and Ernest fine now?” Florence was taken aback, wondering why she was asking so. At the same time, Ernest's cold gaze fell on Charlotte’s face, so dangerous that she was frightened. Charlotte couldn’t help but feel chill. No matter how long it had been, whenever facing Ernest, she would feel frightened by the light of nature. Gritting her teeth, she pretended to be worried. “I’m sorry, Florence. It was my fault last night, so Ernest understood. He was so angry and I was guilty of it for a whole night. I was afraid that you would fight because of it, which would impact your relationship. ” Florence was more confused. “What did you do to piss off Ernest?” What made her surprised was that Charlotte could still be staying here and alive safely. Charlotte was choked by Florence’s reaction. What did Florence mean by she pissed off Ernest? She wondered if Florence had realized what had pissed off Ernest last night. Or, Ernest hadn’t got mad at Florence because of that, had he? It was impossible

in this case, she would have a key to this villa, which would be quite convenient for her. She would become a half-hostess instead of a guest simply. However, when she was still immersed in her beautiful imagination, Ernest disappointed her without mercy

. “You can stay home. Or you can wait for us to come back and come in. ” There was no possibility for negotiation at all in his ruthless words. Florence was a bit surprised. She still remembered that when Ernest recorded her fingerprint in the security system, he did it so casually. At that time, she didn’t even stay here and didn’t need to use the fingerprint at all. However, Charlotte was currently staying here and it was useful for her. Ernest didn’t want to do that. Charlotte was stiffened at the spot, looking quite wronged. She said in a pitiful tone, “What about my meals?”Looking at Timothy, she said more aggrievedly, “The breakfast hasn’t been delivered yet. Will it be delivered later?”Timothy shook his head. “No. ”Charlotte immediately looked at Ernest pitifully, “Ernest, what about my meals today?”If she didn’t have a key, she couldn’t go out or even have meals. They couldn’t starve her for a whole day, so generally speaking, they should deliver the meals to her or give her a key. However, Ernest didn’t cast a glance at her at all as if this was something that he didn’t need to care about or consider at all. With Florence in his arms, they sat in the car directly. Charlotte was stiffened in embarrassment. Her grievance didn’t draw that man’s attention at all. He even didn’t care about her. Sitting in the car, Florence looked at Charlotte through the car window. Before Timothy started the engine, she hurriedly said, “Charlotte, if you don’t go out, just order the take-outs. ”Charlotte was so furious. Her purpose was not to order take-outs. Besides, how could the take-outs be delivered at the door in such a high-end villa community?However, no matter how reluctant she was, she could only watch the luxurious car roar away. Until she couldn’t see the back of the car at all, Charlotte’s expression completely changed . her face was written with hatred and jealousy as if she was going nuts in anger. She had deliberately framed up Florence and made Ernest misunderstand her. Ernest was so pissed off and the cancellation of the engagement should be certain. But why everything had changed just after one night?Florence and Ernest didn’t break up with each other. On the contrary, they became more intimate. They went out together and would have breakfast together, totally leaving her alone. The fury surged in her heart and she couldn’t find anywhere to vent. All she could do was kicking the door. However, the door was of high quality and she was wearing slippers. With the kick, she suddenly felt a violent pain in her toes. She even couldn’t utter a sound. Charlotte hurriedly held her foot, and her face was twisted because of the pain.