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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 504: Peaching

Florence and Ernest were done with his injuries and waiting for Phoebe in the living room. After a while, Phoebe was seen walking out with Stanford holding her hand carefully. Her speed was as slow as snails. Florence bit her tongue to hold her laughter. She was impressed with how Florence managed to make the proud Stanford treat her like a princess. It seemed like she didn’t need to worry about Phoebe at all. Instead, she began to worry about her brother that was falling into Phoebe’s trap slowly. Stanford looked at Clarence and Florence, “Your wound was treated?” Clarence nodded, “Yes. ” Stanford let out a sigh of relief but still felt guilty. Clarence’s bones were cracked, he came to see Collin but he forgotten about everything when he arrived and saw Phoebe injured. He let Collin treated Phoebe instead. It forced Clarence to seek treatment from Dr. Leon, Florence wasn’t happy and now she might blame him more. “I will have Collin change the medicine for you, take good care in the meantime. ” Stanford said. Florence became worried hearing this. They did everything just to keep Collin from seeing Ernest’s wound, if Collin saw his wound, he would discover his identity. Florence shook her head, “It’s alright, it’s better to stick to one doctor, I’ve spoken to Dr. Leon, he will follow up. ” Florence’s rejection made Stanford sad. Was she still angry at him? How could he make it up to her? Florence didn’t know what Stanford was thinking, she didn’t want to stay here any longer since the wound was treated. She was afraid that they might smell something. She continued, “Both Clarence and Phoebe are injured, let’s send them back. ” She then helped Collin walk out of the living hall

His predictability and the spontaneous response was impressive. Benjamin clenched his fists and cracked his knuckles. If he knew, he would have killed him at the very beginning

. He would never let Ernest go easily, he knew he planned to make a comeback at the end as Ernest. And once he made his comeback, he would be unstoppable, even the Fraser family would accept. He couldn’t let that happen, he needed to stop Ernest right now and uncovered his secret. “Uncover his identity…” Benjamin mumbled while an idea came to mind, he gave out a vicious smile. “Yes, uncovered! No matter how well Ernest hide it, he can’t possibly takes care of both sides at once, if I caught him in action, his identity will be uncovered!”The subordinate asked, “What do you want to do?” “His injuries are our golden opportunity. ” Benjamin’s lips lifted. He walked out while calling the Old Master. His call was picked up soon after and a serious voice was heard from the other side. “Yes?”“Grandpa, I have big news for you. ” Theodore asked, “What?”Benjamin put on a serious and worrying tone. “Since Uncle Ernest was kicked out from the Fraser’s home, I’ve been looking for him to comfort him but he had been missing for quite some time now. ” I don’t know how did he appear out of a sudden during our last family gathering, it’s mysterious. I am worried that he might do something risky thinking that if I married Flory and inherit the family business. ” There was no reply from the other side of the phone. Benjamin continued, “Uncle Ernest came back to Fraser’s home this few days, I thought everything is fine, but when I went to meet him, he disappeared again. ” It was not a big deal not letting others know where he was. But under this circumstance plus Benjamin’s deliberate exaggeration, Theodore who was already not satisfied with Ernest doubted him more. It was hard for him to see Ernest too lately.