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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 434: Phoebe's Cousin?

Upon hearing his words, Stanford was quite bothered, wondering why his sister could be so cheap. In anger, he was about to retort the man. He turned around and noticed Florence’s expression. She glinted at the man obsessively, looking exactly the same as those women who were fancying him. Stanford was so shocked that he couldn’t utter any word. In disbelief, he looked at the man up and down again and again. The man wasn’t bad-looking, but he had a glib tongue. Stanford wondered if his sister was into this kind of man. Looking at her brother’s ambiguous and confused eyes, Florence came back to her senses and realized that the man kept taking advantage of her. He said that she had fallen in love with him at the first sight. She was just confused and wondering if he was Ernest. If he were not Ernest, she wouldn’t be interested in him at all. She glared at the man irritably and then looked away immediately. “Stanford, why are you here? Just now, this gentleman helped me. I want to thank him. Why don’t you go back to the hall and socialize with the guests?” With a smile, Florence wanted to send Stanford away. The man looked at Florence deeply with a faint smile on his face, quite meaningful. Stanford’s mouth corners twitched. He didn’t know how to face Florence. He wondered if his sister was so eager to send him away because she wanted to be alone with this man. He couldn’t tell how outstanding the man was. He didn’t look quite excellent or extremely handsome. Stanford couldn’t understand why his sister had a crush on him. He couldn’t allow his sister to be fooled. He decided to filter the man for her. “Ahem. ” Stanford cleared his throat, looking at the man sharply. “Since you’ve helped my sister, I’m also grateful for it. I should thank you as well. Mister, may I know your name, please? Where are you from?” Although Stanford sounded like to question a criminal, Florence was more eager to know the answer than he was. She turned around and glinted at the man with unconcealed expectant and hope. The man pressed his lips into a smile and answered, “My name is Clarence Jenkins. I came from City N, China. ” “City N?” Stanford frowned suddenly, his eyes becoming harsh and alerted. “I didn’t seem to have invited anyone from City N. Mister, how did you manage to attend tonight’s banquet?” Florence’s heart also jumped into her throat when she heard the city’s name. The suspicion in her heart was confirmed more and more affirmatively

“Oh, your style! You dressed up like a temptress. Who do you want to hook up with?” Florence said jokingly, reaching out and took off Phoebe’s mask. Phoebe was quite pretty originally

. After putting on the delicate makeup, she looked like a flame spirit. Phoebe pretended to be embarrassed and bumped Florence a bit. She said shyly but quite obviously, “Who else am I going to hook up with? My heart has never changed. It was fully occupied by a handsome man long ago. ”As she spoke, she blinked Stanford, making eyes at him. Stanford was taken aback, his face stiffing. Phoebe was way not reserved. Uneasily, he looked over at Clarence and asked, “Who is the man to you? Is he your date or your boyfriend?”Only after he knew the man’s identity could he know if the man had the right to chase Flory. However, Phoebe suddenly smiled like a complacent kitten. In her high-heels, she walked to Stanford enchantingly. She smiled brightly and asked, “Mr. Fraser, you are asking me this question, does it mean that you care about my private life?”Of course, Stanford didn’t mean it. She had overthought. Stanford was annoyed, waves of anger surging in his chest. He wasn’t good a dealing with women at all. Other women never had the chance to flirt with him. However, Phoebe was Flory’s bestie, so Stanford couldn’t seal her mouth and toss her out. Noticing that Stanford pulled a long face, Phoebe smiled more charmingly. Reaching out a finger, she poked at Stanford’s chest. Then she smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Fraser. He’s my cousin. He accompanied me here. We are not in love. ”Stanford was suddenly startled, stiffing. He looked extremely awkward. No other women had touched him before. He thought that Phoebe had gone too far!Suddenly, he regretted it, wondering if he shouldn’t have picked up Phoebe from City N. He was afraid of being pissed to death before she could comfort Florence and delight her. Florence turned to look at Clarence, lost in thought. Was he Phoebe’s cousin?She didn’t know if Phoebe truly had a cousin, but she knew that Phoebe had never shown up with many family members as her dates when attending such occasions before.