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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 544: Please Hear Me Out

At the Fraser’s house. After what Benjamin had done during the meeting, he wanted to make a call to gain confirmation and permission from the head of family for the marriage. Upon making the call, Ernest who had been ready for action instantly detected his location. “He’s at the Archery seashore. ” “No way!” Stanford exclaimed and he looked exceptionally surprised. He did not expect that Benjamin was so bold that he dared to stay at the Archery seashore which was not far away. He was treating the most dangerous place as the safest. If they had not detected his location, they would not consider the Archery seashore in the first place, because Benjamin would have run further with the time he took. And that location would be the easiest location to be ignored. That was a good trick. Unfortunately, he was still young and he could not match Ernest. His location was instantly exposed. “The helicopter’s ready, let’s go!” He wanted to rush there and torture Benjamin to death. Ernest pursed his lips and his eyes became deep with an astute look. His eyes were gleaming with a dangerous cold light. He did not utter a word, and he walked straight to the outside. He was surrounded by an aloof and murderous aura. His desire to kill Benjamin was stronger than anyone, Benjamin deserved to die the moment he laid hands on Florence. Both of them were apprehensive and without further delay, they strode to the outside. Upon reaching the entrance, they who were walking side by side suddenly changed their position and Stanford put a pair of silver white handcuffs straight on Ernest’s wrists. With an indifferent look, Ernest did not struggle and allowed his hands to be cuffed instead. At the same time, the bodyguards who had been guarding the entrance stood side by side to Ernest and seemingly suppressing him while walking forward. Not long ago, the Turner family had contacted Stanford to apologize to the Fraser’s and also to request Ernest to be sent back to the Turner’s house so they could punish him with their own hand. Stanford naturally agreed and now he was going to send Ernest away. Someone was secretly keeping an eye on them while following them. They walked all the way to the helipad and in front of the helicopter, there were four lofty bodyguards clad in black suit, looking fierce. Their behavior was deferential, neither humble nor arrogant. “Thank you for taking Ernest Hawkins here, Mr. Fraser

She protected him and looked extremely nervous and apprehensive. “Stanford, what are you doing? Why did you cuff Mr. Hawkins up? Where are you taking him?” Florence was suddenly nowhere to be found these two days without reason

. Phoebe had been worried and uneasy in the first place and she had let Tammy kept an eye on the yard and followed Stanford around. She only then realized Stanford had caught Ernest and was going to send him away now. Phoebe was taken aback and without thinking further, she came. Now that Florence was not around, as her sweet bestie, she certainly had to protect her future husband for her. Stanford pulled down his face as he saw her protecting Ernest. He rumbled, “It’s none of your business, get back. ”Stanford’s stern attitude made Phoebe more uneasy and panic. She opened her arms and stood in front of Ernest, saying nervously, “Stanford, you can’t do this to Mr. Hawkins anymore. If Flory knows about this, she’ll be sad and worried. Please let Mr. Hawkins go, for the sake of Florence. Why can’t we just sit down and talk?”“Sad and worried?” Stanford repeated and his eyes became fierce. He examined Phoebe and asked with half doubt and half confidence, “You already knew Clarence was Ernest, didn’t you?” He was questioning her. Phoebe’s face went pale and she blurted out, “You knew about this?”Stanford frowned at once and a cold light showed up in his eyes. Phoebe had lied to him! She had lied to him from the beginning. That was logical though, since Clarence was her cousin, and it was she who brought him here, it would not quite make sense if she totally had no idea about it. Now that he had confirmed that she had been lying to him from the beginning, an anger that he did not have before rose inside him. His chest tightened and seemed to explode. He did not have many close people around him, and Phoebe was special, she was a free soul. He had promised to protect her, and had also demanded her not to lie to him. He hated lies, especially her lies. Phoebe froze from Stanford’s cold stare and she felt a rush of chills. He had never looked at her with those cold and distant eyes, as if she was no more than a stranger. She panicked and hurriedly walked towards him. “Stanford, please hear me out…”