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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 235: Possession or Love

All the meeting attendees were gaping at them as if their jaws would drop to the ground. They had heard that Ernest seemed to spoil Florence a lot, but they had never expected that their CEO would dote his fiancée this much. Not so many men in this world would clean their girlfriends’ wounds by mouth without caring about anything. However, Ernest, the superior one, could do it so naturally without any hesitation. It seemed that nothing compared with Florence to him. Ernest didn’t let go of Florence’s hand until a while later. Her finger was clean. There were a few blood stains on his good-looking thin lips, like the flower blossom, which made his thin lips so seductive. Ernest didn’t care about the bloodstain on his lips at all, and all he could see was the wound on Florence’s finger. Frowning, he quickly pulled out a delicate small box from the pocket of his suit jacket, in which there were a few pieces of the band-aid. He tore one of them open and pasted it on Florence’s wound skillfully. The onlookers were all shocked, wondering why Mr. Hawkins had the band-aid in his pocket. Usually, people wouldn’t take along such things, would they? Florence was also puzzled, looking at Ernest in confusion. Ernest didn’t look like a person who would take along the band-aid with him. She wondered. Florence’s heart was tightened. She blurted out, “Did you get injured?” Ernest’s action paused a bit, a touch of tenderness flashed through his eyes. He looked up at Florence, “Are you caring about me?” “I. It’s just a question,” answered Florence uneasily, looking away to avoid eye contact with him in a panic. Ernest pressed his thin lips and carefully pasted the band-aid on her finger. Then he answered calmly, “You’re always careless and could get injured easily. ” Florence was taken aback. What he meant was that he took along the band-aid with him because of her. Florence looked at his skillful action, and her heart couldn’t help hammering as if it would jump out of her chest. He could deal with the wound so skillfully just because she used to get injured, and he learned it for taking care of her. Now, he also had the habit to take along the band-aid with him wherever he went, which was also just for her. She recalled everything and realized that Ernest had done a lot of things to her and indeed cared about her. She wondered why he treated her so well. The reason seemed to be quite obvious, and Florence could figure it out easily. At the thought of it, Florence felt her heart was burned by something. Unwilling to think deeply, she suddenly pulled her hand out of Ernest’s hands. Her eyes twinkled. She looked at him, and her lips parted, but she couldn’t utter any word. Her mind was in a mess. Gritting her teeth, she turned around and trotted out of the meeting room. Florence dared not to stop at all. She trotted all the way to the suite where she and Ernest stayed in the hotel

Looking at Florence who had drawn several steps away from him, he felt the helplessness that he had never experienced before. Her determined resistance was like a sting that stabbed into his heart. Looking at the man in front of her, Florence found that his handsome face paled a bit

. He was staring at her with a complicated expression that was like a vortex, which could draw her in as if it were an invisible big hand. She felt dazed. Flustered, Florence dared not to continue staying in the suite. She pulled her luggage and walked out. This time, however, Ernest didn’t stop her again. Florence bypassed him one step away. When they brushed past, Ernest felt as if it was a slow-motion in which she had been walking for a whole century. His heartbeat even stopped. She didn’t look at him, but clearly, she could smell the familiar charming scent from his body and feel his depression. This feeling made Florence upset somehow. She was panicked, and all she wanted was to escape from here. Ernest stood straight. His tall and strong body was like a pole, upright without any incline. His thin lips parted. He said uttered a few words in a low voice, “I’m sorry. ”The words were like a hydraulic press, compacting the air in this suite and making them hard to breathe. Florence suddenly stiffed her footsteps. She was in a daze as if she was a log. She stood there motionlessly and couldn’t believe what she had heard. ‘I’m sorry. ’She had never expected that Ernest, a superior man, would say those words. And he made the apology to her. Ernest turned around slowly, looking at Florence deeply. He added in a low voice as if he was whispering at night, “I didn’t mean to treat you that way last night. I just felt so upset when seeing you and Reynold Myron together. ”That was the first time that he had done something out of control. And the price he paid was so much. He had almost lost the girl he loved. Florence was standing in a daze. She was so shocked that she couldn’t come back to her senses at all. She didn’t have the guts to think what kind of feeling Ernest had towards her. It was obvious a feeling from a man to a woman, but she didn’t know if it was possession or love.