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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 453: Praising Someone Just to Make Them Fall

Benjamin raised the gun and pulled the trigger with a bang… The bullet shot quickly on a distant target and a large sign of 10 appeared besides it. The referee in the distance raised his hand to indicate and the referee standing next to him yelled in an official manner, “Ten points. ” The first shot was in bull’s eye. Florence frowned slightly. Benjamin was indeed as good as the legend said. The first shot of ten points also gave Benjamin confidence. He smiled and glanced at Florence, then raised his gun with great momentum, took aim and fired. It was ten points again. Them the third shot, the fourth shot, the fifth shot… “Ten points!” The referee shouted for the ninth time, looking at Benjamin in a daze. His tone had subtly changed from an official manner to a bit appreciating one. It was the first time he had seen a man with such great marksmanship to reach Ninety points even after being in the industry for so long. There were a few very fine beads of sweat on Benjamin’s forehead but his expressions became more and more energetic. Even ninety points was a great achievement that he had never attempted before. As long as he hit another ten, he was going to be at perfect score! Not only did he meet the high requirement that Stanford had set, but it also gave Clarence no chance to make a comeback. He would be ashamed of himself. This tenth time, he must hit the bull’s eye. He thought. “Fuck! Why is Benjamin so good?” Phoebe had walked to Florence’s side. She held her arm and whispered in her ear. Florence frowned uneasily and felt very nervous. The better Benjamin’s result was the more Ernest was at a disadvantage. If he really hit the last one for ten points too, he would ridicule Ernest even if he got ninety-nine points, not to mention that Ernest was not good at shooting. But now the shooting had begun and there was no way to go back. “It should not be a perfect score. It must not, never. ” Florence muttered continuously as if praying. She hoped that Benjamin would not be able to reach the perfect score. Benjamin looked at Florence staring at him nervously. His heart moved slightly and the corners of his mouth raised. Having known each other for so long, it was the first time that Florence looked at him in this way. No matter if she was shocked by his marksmanship or some other reason, it was still a good thing for him. If that was the case, then he was going to let her see clearly how powerful he actually was

” Just one sentence, openly sarcastic. As if she was adamant to find fault. It was not easy for Benjamin to get such a score and it was clear that no one could surpass him

. He was still in a good mood with a humble smile on his face. “It is true that it is not a perfect score and even though the difference is only zero point one, a tiny lapse can lead to a huge mistake. I still need to work harder. ”As he said this, Benjamin looked at Ernest again, “Although my score looks very good, but still there is still a small shortcoming. Mr. Jenkins spoke with much confidence just now, looks like he should be able to achieve a perfect score. Why don’t you come make up for my lack of zero point one?”Florence frowned fiercely. Benjamin kept saying that Ernest should make up for that zero point one was to make him try and achieve the perfect score!He kept praising Ernest like this so that even if Ernest scored ninety-nine point nine, he would still feel embarrassed. This was no different from praising someone to make them fall. It was despicable and shameless. Florence gritter her teeth, subconsciously reached out and grabbed Ernest’s sleeve looking worried and uneasy. She wished to pull him away and leave now. Ernest was so full of pride; how would he bear it if he was humiliated later?Just thinking about it, she felt like the taunts were directed at her own self. She felt dejected and hurt. Ernest sensed Florence’s nervousness, looked down at her, reached out and gently patted the back of her hand. “You stay on the side and wait like a good girl. ”After saying that in a low voice, Ernest walked towards the shooting platform. His tall figure had an outstanding temperament. He was calm beyond reason. Even under Benjamin’s pressure there was not the slightest panic or tremble. When he walked towards the platform, he did not immediately pick up the pistol. Instead, he called the referee and said something to him in a low voice. With a shocked expression on his face, the referee asked again looking uncertain. Ernest nodded again and the referee left with complicated expressions. After a while, he brought several people into the target field and divided the targets that were originally in a row into several levels and placed them in different places. It looked chaotic and inaccessible, but the several targets were now lined up far apart from each other than before. Even the people who had no knowledge about shooting could tell that the farther the distance the harder it was to shoot. The greater the mistake the lower the score. What on earth did Ernest mean by doing this?