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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 239: Prelude of Seduction

Florence and Reynold walked to the documentation room directly. Due to the cooperation between the two cities, Hawkins Group had particularly prepared a documentation room. Most of the design documentation had been moved here, which was like a special library. Florence walked in, standing in front of the bookshelf and starting looking for the documents as Reynold told her. Seeing that she was busy working after coming in, Reynold felt a bit relieved. It seemed that Florence was indeed cold to Ernest. If this went on, she should give up on him completely. As long as he could stand by Florence and help her go through this period of time, Reynold believed that he could become closer to her naturally. “Flory, I’ll look for them here. ” Reynold stood in front of the bookshelf that was behind Florence, quickly browsing the books and references for her. Florence focused on the referencing books in front of her, looking as if she was busy looking for the books. However, when her gaze fell on a useful book, she looked away without a stop. At this moment, only she herself knew that Ernest’s face kept flashing through her mind although she was looking at those books. “Flory, have you found it?” Reynold walked to Florence with a book in his hands. His voice brought her back to reality in an instant. Florence looked away and shook her head. “Not yet. ” In fact, she even didn’t know what books she had browsed just now. Hence, she just took it as she hadn’t found any. Reynold cast a secret glance at the book in front of her, which could be useful. Then he said with a gentle smile, “Take a break. We can look for it later. ” Florence knew that she still hadn’t calmed down yet, so she nodded in agreement. She walked to the desk that was next to the bookshelves with Reynold for a rest. “This book is useful. Take a look. ” Reynold handed the book to Florence. “By the way, you didn’t eat much food just now. Are you hungry? I can order some desserts for you. ” “No, thank you. ” Florence shook her head to refuse. She didn’t have a good appetite recently. She bent down her head and started reading. Reynold didn’t insist, but he slightly creased his brows. ‘Florence, how long will it take you to forget that man and stop being so absent-minded?’ his inner voice asked. He wondered when she could see him who was standing by her. “Knock. Knock. ” When Reynold was immersed in his imagination, there were two slight knocks on the door. Timothy was holding a tray with two cups of coffee and some deserts, walking over

“In this documentation room, the references and books were prepared for the whole team to have a general study. Although books could cover all topics, there are no books about specific topics. The company has thought about it and prepared a mini-library, in which there were references and books for specific topics, and most of them were studies

. If I didn’t remember it wrong, there was a particular section for 9 Q. ” There was a particular section specifically in that mini-library, which meant that there would be a lot of valuable documentation that Florence couldn’t read usually. Hawkins Group was way too capable. Florence was joyful. “Where is the mini-library. Timothy, could you please show me the way?”The difficulty had been resolved quickly. Florence’s attention had been distracted and she was quite delighted. Hence, she didn’t realize that this mini-library sounded quite strange. Reynold, however, looked quite concerned. Frowning deeply, he looked at Timothy up and down again and again. With his excellent professionalism, Timothy ignored Reynold’s cold gaze on him completely. With a smile, he said to Florence, “It’s the last room in this corridor. It’s not a big room, but there are a lot of useful references. ”“Okay. I’ll go check on them. ”Florence walked out without any hesitation. When she reached the door as if she thought of something, she turned around and spoke to Reynold, who was still standing motionlessly at the spot, “Mr. Myron, shall we go there together?”He came to help her find the books. She couldn’t dump her mentor half-way. “Sure. Let’s go. ”Reynold smiled, bypassed Timothy, and strode to Florence. Inwardly, he didn’t felt quite happy as he showed. Instead, he felt quite depressed -- the mini-library that suddenly appeared smelt fishy to him. However, he couldn’t find a proper reason to retort. Seeing them leave, Timothy smile complacently. Then he picked up the tray with desserts and followed Florence to the mini-library. Florence slightly pushed the door open and walked in. Then she saw several neat bookshelves in this small room. As Timothy had told her, all categories of books were quite specific with the detailed sections. They were all rare referencing books. For her, those books were all treasures that couldn’t be found easily. Florence walked in delightfully. Reynold followed her in as well. Taking a glance at those books, he felt quite shocked. He also had seen a lot of books with a limited edition that he had been looking for over a lot of years. He wondered how powerful Hawkins Group was