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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 125: Premeditated

Florence ran like she was in a race. After she ran for quite a journey, she looked back to see whether anyone was following her. As she looked, she gave out a sign of relief. Yet, she still had palpitations. Fortunately, the incident happened in a mall. If she met Collin in a less crowded place, there was no guarantee that the pervert wouldn’t do anything to her. She patted her chest, and decided to leave the place. Florence immediately walked towards the restaurant where Ernest was. Subconsciously, she felt that as long as Ernest was there, it would be safe. When she arrived at the western restaurant, her cheeks were a little red and she was a little breathless because she walked in a hurry. Ernest saw her at once and frowned slightly, “What’s wrong?” “No, nothing. I was afraid that you’ll have finished talking if I came back late, so I ran over. ” Florence just simply gave him an excuse, but later, she saw the disgusted look on Ernest’s face. He handed a glass of water to her, “I won’t leave you behind. ” It was just a simple sentence, but it made her slipped into reverie. Later, Ernest did not chat for too long and decided to leave. Before leaving, Broker purposely spoke to Florence in Chinese, “Ms. Fraser, Mr. Hawkins really loves you and you are really lucky. I hope to attend your wedding soon. ” Florence was in doubt when she heard this. How in the world that this foreigner noticed that Ernest really loved her? This was simply nonsense. This was not true at all. However, she still smiled at him and replied, “Thank you for your blessing. If we get married, we’ll definitely invite you. ” The premise was if they really had the chance to get married. This couldn’t be considered as cheating him, Florence thought. Ernest’s eyes darkened. He looked straight at Florence, as if there was a black hole in his eyes, where nothing could escape from it. Florence felt uneasy as Ernest kept staring at her. She tried to take a step back, but her arm was grabbed by him and pulled to his front. The distance between them was very close. His deep voice showed a hint of happiness. “Florence, you’re inviting friends to our wedding. ” “I’m just being polite…” Before she could finish her words, her lips were kissed by Ernest. Accompanied by a good mood, his kiss was also extremely lingering and seemed to have some indescribable feelings towards her. Florence was completely dumbfounded, and this made her panicked. They were in a western restaurant, in public! How can he just kiss her like this? She was so embarrassed and she felt so shameful about it. Florence panicked and tried to push him away. However, Ernest tightened his arms and kissed her even deeper

Now, I’m injured, shouldn’t you take care of me?” His tone was like asking a question, but it sounded so firm until no one dares to reject him. Florence swallowed hard. He really did give her a headache

. No matter from which perspective, as a fiancée or as an employee of his, she couldn’t find any excuse to not take care of him. But moving over to live with him, only the two of them…“I agree to take care of you, but I have a condition. ”Ernest pursed his lips, “Just say. ”Florence’s cheek was red because she was blushing again. She hesitated for a second, then she spoke, feeling extremely ashamed, “You need to promise that you won’t do anything to me. No kissing me or touching me. ”Ernest narrowed his eyes. She was right in front of him. How could he possibly promise not to touch her at all?Florence looked straight at Ernest. Her attitude was firm, “If you can’t promise me, I will not go with you. ”Ernest’s eyes darkened again. His lips moved a little and said a word softly, “Okay. ”Florence gave out a sigh of relief. Only now then the two of them walked into the house. In the living room, Nicholas and Melissa were watching the television. There was another person in the house, Charlotte. She was the biological daughter of Nicholas. Hence, she was also considered as Florence’s younger sister. She was studying in college and now just returned home for holidays. She looked clean and pretty. She was wearing her pajamas, and sitting casually on the sofa with her legs crossed, playing with her phone. “You’re back. Have you eaten…”Nicholas habitually greeted Florence. As he looked up, only then he saw Ernest who came in with Florence. He startled for a moment, and hurriedly stood up from the sofa with a smile. “Ernest, you’re here too. Come and take a sit. ”“Nicholas, sorry to interrupt you. ”Ernest politely handed the gift bags to Nicholas. Then, the two exchanged pleasantries. Florence looked at the gift bags. She did not know what to say any more. Whenever Ernest came to her house, he was always fully prepared like he had planned for this. Otherwise, why would there be gifts prepared every time he came?Melissa also stood up, and shook Charlotte, who was still playing her phone. She whispered, “Get up, your brother-in-law-to-be is here. ”