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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 75: Preparing to Leave

So he had one more week? Despite that, this woman was trying her best to distance herself from him. Ernest wrinkled his brows and brought up the thought that he actually never intended to terminate their engagement. However, if he were to disclose this to her, this woman would probably go berserk. This was going to be a hard nut to crack. After remaining silent for some time, Ernest said, “I will only send you to somewhere nearby your company. ” Timothy who was in the driver’s seat couldn’t help feeling astonished. His boss gave in just like that? This was the first time he had seen his boss changing his mind so quickly about a decision he had set his heart on. Since Ernest had already arrived, and he had promised to only send her to the nearby of her company, Florence couldn’t really object to that. She promptly got into the car. The Hawkins Group was really a company of huge proportions. Every designer was given a private space in the form of an office so that they could work freely to their hearts’ contents. When Florence arrived, she walked towards her office, and from afar, she glimpsed a familiar figure standing next to the door. She entered her office and asked with surprise, “Shirley, why are you here?” When she participated in the Ovi Fashion Design Contest, Shirley Flores was her assistant who was dispatched for her command by her previous company. Florence didn’t expect to see her here. Shirley dutifully took over the bag in Florence’s hands and answered with a smile, “Ms. Fraser, I have been transferred here. From now on, I will be your assistant too. ” Florence was startled slightly and her mind immediately fell on the thought that this must be Ernest’s idea. With Shirley by her side, it would ease her transition into her new job. However, she didn’t understand why wasn’t Cooper being sent here instead? After a slight pause, Florence asked, “Who is Cooper working for as an assistant now?” There was a strange light in Shirley’s eyes. After some hesitation, she replied, “Since you have left yesterday, I never lay eyes on Cooper again. I heard that he has resigned. ” Florence was shocked at this fact. Why would Cooper suddenly resign? Was it because since she was gone, there was no place for him in the company anymore? Florence wrinkled her brows, “Is it because someone in the company is backstabbing him?” “That’s not the case. ” Shirley shook her head with determination. “Then, do you know the reason he has resigned?” Once again, Shirley shook her head. Florence felt very unsettled in her heart, and she immediately forked out her phone to give Cooper a call. It was best if she could get the answer from him directly. The ringtone sounded for some time, but nobody was picking up the phone. There was a sense of frustration and insecurity in her heart. Never once did she lose contact with him before this. Shirley watched Florence and tried to console her, “Perhaps the time is too early now? Maybe he is still sleeping. You can try to call him later. ” Florence checked the time and understood what he meant. She then replaced her phone into her pockets. It was the first day at work for her, so Florence needed to get herself familiarized with all sorts of internal workings in the company. Shirley and her had been busy since the morning. With a sudden knocking at the door, Shirley instantly got up to open it

Florence’s eyes had lit up, “Mr. Brooks, is it possible to apply for James to be my model again?” Anthony’s lips quivered, and just as he was about to say yes, something occurred to him. He said with a serious expression, “You need Ernest’s approval for this

. You better ask him about this. ”At the thought of Ernest, the glint in Florence’s eyes became dim. If nothing out of the ordinary happened, her engagement with Ernest would be terminated this week. From now on, she should refrain from having too much contact with Ernest, not to mention gaining his help to aid in her career. Florence just shook her head as she removed her now disappointed gaze away from James. “I am just simply suggesting, but I think I shouldn’t think about that. ”Anthony was slightly surprised by her reaction, and his sharp intuition allowed him to notice the cold and distant attitude in Florence’s demeanor. Did something happen between Ernest and her?Anthony redesigned a new style for Florence, and despite it being a fashionable chic city-look, the dress was longer and the style was more reserved. When the new style was completed, it was around noon. Timothy appeared at the door, “Ms. Fraser, the boss wants you to see him at the restaurant. ”It was the usual tasting session again. Florence gave this a thought before answering, “Assistant Reid, wait for me a while. I need to get something. ”She took her notebook and pen before following Timothy to the so-called restaurant. The restaurant occupied a single floor and the whole place resembled a small garden. The environment gave off a comfortable and relaxing vibe with a small pond on its side. There was only one table in the huge area. Ernest was already here, seen seated by the table. He looked elegant and noble, and it was a sight to behold for onlookers. In front of him, a wide array of delicious dishes was laid out on the table. There was two sets of cutleries on the table as usual. Florence was lost in a slight daze. It seemed that their tasting session had become one of her habits. But…When she settled down by the table, she stared at the wide variety of dishes on the table and commented jokingly, “Mr. Hawkins, your chef is really something. He can cook up different dishes almost every time. ”The emperors of the past probably couldn’t enjoy something as high-class and extravagant as what he was enjoying. Ernest raised his eyes and fixed them on Florence. He answered nonchalantly, “I have ten chefs working for me in the kitchen at the moment. Florence was speechless upon hearing that. Was it necessary to have ten chefs working for one person’s meal? There could be nothing more outlandish than this situation.