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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 344: Probably She Was Leaving

Feeling upset, Florence found it difficult to keep calm. She was about to leave, but accidentally saw the poster’s content. It was a project of an amusement park, and the spokeswoman was the famous model, Anna. She didn’t appear in any commercial of the Hawkins Group before, so Florence guessed that she was a new model hired. Seeing that Florence was confused, the coworker immediately explained to her, “This is the project poster of our latest project, Coastal Amusement Park. It has just finished. We’re going to hang it up. In the past few days, the whole company has been super business. We trot everywhere. ” “Indeed, it was proposed by Mr. Hawkins all of a sudden. Everyone worked overtime. Even Mr. Hawkins has been staying in the company. All of us are so busy. ” Upon hearing it, Florence was surprised . did Ernest almost stay in his office? It seemed that he cared a lot about this project of an amusement park. Now he was fully concentrated on his work and not distracted by her at all. Florence guessed that it was because for him, although he failed to marry for convenience this time, it was just like a called-off order in the business empire . once an order was canceled, there would be a lot of other new orders. He was different from her, who felt so upset about it. She had been down for such a long time as if her world had collapsed. Sure enough, the words online were quite correct . your heart wouldn’t be broken if you didn’t have a crush. Florence smiled ironically, mocking herself. After quitting the job, Florence had nothing to do completely. She stayed in Stanford’s luxurious house, quite idle. Stanford forbade her to work at night. Every night, he would sit next to her bed and read her bedtime stories. Florence also bargained with him . as long as she had fallen asleep, he must go to sleep in his bedroom. Although Stanford was still worried, he had to agree as Florence insisted. As the day passed by, nothing special happened. Stanford had never mentioned asking her to go back to Europe again, but Florence knew that he had been waiting for her. Florence was quite curious and uneasy when thinking of the unknown life in Europe and her parents, who were just strangers to her. She still felt quite hesitant, unable to make a decision. Probably she knew it quite clearly. As long as she had gone, she wouldn’t be able to come back to City N all her life. That was a forever farewell to people and things here. Even she had nobody that she cared about on this land, it was a place where she had been staying for over twenty years. She needed courage and time to bid it farewell. One morning, after breakfast, Stanford stopped Florence from going back to her bedroom. “Hey, Flory, let’s go to a place. ” In the past few days, Stanford always tried to make excuses, such as having a walk, going shopping, or walking the dog, to drag Florence out from her bedroom for a while. Florence had been used to it, so she nodded in agreement

That was a high altitude extreme sport, and Florence felt afraid of heights. Looking at the vivid expression on Florence’s face, Stanford was quite happy. This was the different expression shown on her face after she had become so upset

. Of course, he wouldn’t let her go so easily. “I’ll give you some time to get prepared. Let’s go play the water coaster”Stanford pointed over at the water coaster not afar. Comparing with parachuting, the water coaster obviously was more acceptable. Florence immediately nodded in agreement. Meanwhile, in another direction of this amusement park, a group of men in suits was walking over. The man in lead seemed to be the park manager. Leading a group of men, he warmly received the man walking towards him. “Good day, Mr. Hawkins. Thanks for coming to my amusement park. It’s our big pleasure. I hope you’ll enjoy your investigation here. ”In gray street clothes, Ernest was expressionless, looking indifferent. His think lips parted slightly. “Show me the way. ”He wanted to build the biggest amusement park empire in Coastal City, and he came over to this place for investigation. Just when he had taken a few steps further, his cell phone started ringing. It was his private number. Others couldn’t get through. If he was called, it must be something urgent. Ernest swiped to answer. On the other end of the line, he heard Georgia’s aged voice, “Ernest, where are you now?”“I’m investigating in an amusement park. ”“Please put away your work aside. I have something quite important to tell you. ”“Please go ahead. ”When answering the phone, Ernest kept walking forward. He didn’t want to put away his work at all. Georgia continued, “It’s about Flory. It was all my fault that day so that Flory had heard our conversation. She must have misunderstood you. I can tell that she cares about you. You shouldn’t have given up like this. ”Ernest frowned. “It’s already past. If you want to tell me about it only, I’m still busy. I’ve got to go. ”“Ernest, wait!” Georgia hurriedly to stop him from hanging up the phone. She heaved a sigh helplessly and added, “The Fraser family has sent someone over already. They’ll take Florence back to Europe. Probably she would soon be. ” She wanted to tell her grandson that Florence would be leaving soon