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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 720 Pushing the buttons

However, as Hector was getting more experienced in washing clothes, he suddenly stopped. His face distorted. Almost reflexively, Hector stood up and took several steps back. "What are those things?" His voice almost had broken. Going along Hector's sight, people were surprised to see that half of the clothes left in the basin were actually all socks. The most importantly, they gathered together and gave off a sour and disgusting smell. Those people standing in the front row couldn't help but make sound of vomiting when smelling it. "Oh damn it. They're too smelly!" "Whose socks are they? I can't believe they can emit such a stink smell to such a degree! There are so many of them piling together. They are almost as powerful as nuclear weapons. " "I can't stand it. Hurry stepping back. Hurry. I am almost suffocated to death. " People covered their noses shouting and weren't feeling well. They stepped back for five or six meters at the fastest speed. And at this moment, Hector still stood on the stage. His face twisted in disgust. He forced himself not to run away too far to vomit. He looked at Ernest with twisted look on his face and covered his nose and mouth. He said in a muffled voice. "You take wrong things here, don't you, bro? These socks were quite stinky. Ask someone to take them away quickly. " The platform was big. Ernest's position was on the edge of positive direction, which was six or seven meters' away from the nuclear-weapon-like socks. There didn't have big effects when the smell came to his position. Ernest looked at Hector unflinchingly. He asked him with mouths opening slightly. "What do you say? I can't hear you. " Hector became dazed for a second. Although he covered his mouth when speaking, his voice was very loud and he uttered words clearly. How come Ernest couldn't hear him? He was depressed. Florence was upstairs and couldn't help laughing out. She understood and had heard Hector's words clearly upstairs. Ernest was not far away from Hector. How couldn't Ernest hear him in his position? Clearly, Ernest wanted to let Hector down deliberately. Hector got a long face. His heart was so much intertwined. When he covered his mouth to speak, Ernest couldn't hear him. But if he put down his hands, that smell immediately came into his face. The stinky smell made him throw up

" That was a good point and people had nothing to say. Hector was on the verge of collapse. Would he have to clean baby's shit? He had never thought about such things actually! He paused and whispered, "Will it be better to ask professional matrons and nannies to take care of the baby?" Ernest said ironically, "Will you set your mind at rest when you give your child to others?"Hector said nothing

. He really wanted to refute that others entrust matrons and nannies to take care of babies and they did well. He was really at ease. However, as he saw Ernest' eyes full of irony and heard his mean words, he felt he would quickly be forced to give up Florence if he still kept this concept in his mind. He was so . depressed!Hector was really unhappy and angry in his heart. He smiled reluctantly on his face. "You are right, bro. I surely neglect it. "People said nothing. They couldn't believe what Duke Hector said. He was actually brainwashed and broke the limit. Hector was desperate when looking at a pile of socks again. No matter how smelly they were, he had to wash them today. He held his breath and took a sock into the water with his fingers trembling. He began to wash socks hopelessly. Looking at this scene, Florence laughed out. Not to mention how carefree she was in her mood. Her Ernest was surely a scheming little devil. He played pranks on Hector in such a way. And the smelly socks made Hector doubt meanings of life. That was great. He should be taught a lesson. He just had it coming. Bonnie looked at Florence laughing loudly and showed admiration on her face. She leaned her chin on her arm and said slowly,"How happy you are, Florence. I really envy you. The duke treats you so well and makes you so happy. "It made sense she was happy. But that Duke Hector treated her well didn't deserve admiration. Actually, it was a trouble for Florence. Florence turned and looked at Bonnie, "Now it seems that he really can spoil a woman. But I don't like him. Will you mind if I give him to you?""What?!"Bonnie was surprised with her eyes widened. She jumped up from the chair directly with shock. Could this man. be given to others?She would absolutely be the happiest woman in the world if she could marry Duke Hector and achieved his undivided love! Her heart pounded when she thought about it…