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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 479: Pussyfooting Around

Clarence was fussing inside but still trying to maintain a gentlemanly smile. He walked up to Florence and asked tentatively, “Do you want me to carry you?” As soon as he spoke, he could feel the danger coming from the corner, and it was making him fluttering. Clarence’s body tightened up subconsciously, and he could feel the death threat. Florence’s face changed, resisting him. Apart from Ernest, she didn’t want to let any man hug her. But now, nominally, she and Clarence had an ambiguous relationship, so it was natural for him to carry her too. Florence was gloomy and shook her head, setting her padded feet upright, saying, “No need. I feel better now and I can walk on my own. ” After saying that, Florence walked past Clarence towards the front. Her steps weren’t fast, but they were steady. Stanford narrowed his eyes and surveyed Florence’s back sharply. Why did he feel something wrong with her? Clarence let out a sigh of relief and walked over to Stanford’s side, speaking casually, “Maybe she’s shy. ” With that, Clarence accelerated, covering his face and quickly catching up with Florence. Stanford froze for a moment. Only then did he remember that just now, Florence and Clarence were inside doing something filthy, and he had caught them red-handed on the spot. After all, Florence was a girl and would be shy easily. It was natural for her to feel embarrassed for letting Clarence carry her now. Stanford shook his head helplessly. There was already a hickey on her. What else was there to be embarrassed about? Girls were just so pretentious. Thinking of it, Stanford then kept up with them. Florence walked in the front, but God knew how much she didn’t want to leave. Just before turning around the corner, she involuntarily looked towards the garden corner again, hoping to see a bit of him, but she was afraid to see him exposed. It was just that after such a big event today, and with Clarence as a variable, she felt uneasy inside. She had so much to say to Ernest, wanting to ask him what he was planning to do next. But now that she had been driven away, there was no chance at all. After sending Stanford away, would Ernest still be here, waiting for her? Florence was anxious, panicked, and feeling uneasy. The only way now was to get rid of Stanford quickly. With an idea in her mind, Florence walked faster and took Clarence to the living room. She then proactively searched for the medical bag

With a serious face, he said to Stanford, “Let Florence do it. No need to bother Mr. Fraser!” “I can’t…” Florence wanted to refuse Clarence, but Clarence pulled her to sit beside him before she could pull away from him

. Clarence then casually took a bottle of medicine and shoved it in Florence’s hand. “Florence, I know you care about me a lot, can’t bear to lay your hands on me while seeing my injuries. But we just can’t trouble others with everything. I won’t hurt too much with you helping me. ” Clarence looked at Florence tenderly. However, his hand was squeezing Florence’s hand hard, threatening her. Florence’s wrist was in pain, and she felt resisting too. She knew nothing about wound dressing, and she would just make a mess. And she still wanted to go to Ernest. Could Clarence not take up her time? When Florence wanted to refuse, Clarence suddenly leaned his body forward, moving closer to her. He said in a shallow voice, “Flory, would you still not care if this was Ernest who got hurt? We look the same, but you treat us so differently. I’m so heartbroken. If I’m in a bad mood, my acting would be bad too. Until then if someone notices something wrong with us…”Clarence looked innocent, but what he said was indeed threatening. Florence curled her lips. This bastard would even use such despicable tricks to make her dress his wound. Wouldn’t he afraid of being disfigured by her? Florence still had to maintain a gentle smile, although she was despising him inside. Only after a long moment did she grit her teeth and say, “Fine, I’ll do it for you. ”Only then did Clarence smile in satisfaction, letting go of Florence’s hand, and he sat to the side gracefully. He said softly, “Take it easy. ”Florence was speechless for him having so much request. She gritted her teeth and looked in the direction of the garden with great reluctance. She was feeling anxious and irritated. This would delay her again. Not sure if Ernest would still be waiting for her or not. As she thought in her mind, Florence opened the medicine in her hand, dipped a cotton swab into it, and was about to rub it on Clarence’s face. Stanford looked puzzled and spoke in a deep voice, “Flory, are you sure you want to use that to rub it on him?”