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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 181: Quite Humble

In the morning the next day, Florence woke up quite early. As usual, when she woke up and opened her eyes, she saw Ernest’s enlarged handsome face in front of her. She was nestling in his arms again. He was holding her, and her hands were on his waist. The scene was quite harmonious. However, Florence couldn’t remember when she hugged him and fell asleep with him last night. She could only remember that when she fell asleep, she was leaning against the edge of the bed. Florence felt a bit depressed. Taking a glance at Ernest, she found that he was still sleeping soundly. She withdrew herself from his arms as softly as possible. Then she lifted the quilt and got off from the bed. Carefully, she looked back, only to find that Ernest was still sleeping tightly. He wasn’t woken up by her. She felt a bit surprised. Ernest was always a light sleeper. Usually under such a circumstance, if she moved a bit, he would wake up for sure. Today it seemed that he didn’t wake up at all. Florence frowned, wondering if the drug effect was too fierce last night so Ernest was worn out without any energy. It was pretty possible. Before Harold left, he said Ernest should drink more milk in recent two days. Florence thought for a moment, and then she walked out of the room tiptoed. Shortly, she came back with a glass of warm milk in her hands. When she was walking to the bedside, Ernest’s eyelashes moved a bit. Then he opened his eyes. As soon as he opened his eyes, Ernest saw Florence, who was still in pajamas with a glass of milk in her hands. He was slightly shocked, and he thought that he was still in a dream. However, he saw Florence walking to the side of his bed and looking at him with concern. “Are you awake? How are you feeling now?” Her voice was quite clear and melodic, sounding pleasant and sincere. Ernest was quite surprised. “Why did you get up so early?” In recent days, Florence always slept in. She always woke up later than he did. Every morning, he would stare at her who was nestling in his arms, waiting for her to wake up. “I simply woke up. ” As she spoke, Florence reached the bedside and handed the glass of milk to Ernest. “The temperature is just right. Drink it. ” “Breakfast for me?” Ernest was more surprised. Florence had prepared breakfast for him and delivered it to the bed. It was the very first time. Since it happened so suddenly, Ernest didn’t feel moved. He thought something must have gone wrong. Studying Florence’s expression carefully, he glinted at her face as if his sight would burn a hole on it. Under his gaze, Florence felt quite embarrassed. It was indeed quite ambiguous for her to prepare the breakfast milk for him

Collin dared to do that thing to Florence. No matter what his reason was, he deserved to die ten thousand times. Since Collin had the guts to come to him, Ernest wouldn’t have mercy on him

. Seeing that Ernest looked as if he would skin Collin alive, Florence regretted it a bit. She wondered if she should tell Ernest that Collin had been here. Collin didn’t seem to be that bad. “Perhaps it was just a misunderstanding indeed. He probably has some other purposes. ”“He has done such thing to you. Even if he has any reason, I can’t forgive him. ”Ernest creased his brows, looking at Florence seriously. His attitude was quite affirmative. Also, he was not happy because Florence was soft-hearted for a person like Collin. It would be quite easy for her to get deceived by Collin in the future. Florence suddenly was taken aback, gaping at Ernest. She felt that her heart was stung by a needle. That night what Collin did to her was the same as rape, although he didn’t succeed. Ernest cared about it that much. She used to be raped by a man. Hence, it should be unbearable for him truly. Hence, last night, he was almost out of control but he was still not willing to touch her. She wondered if that was because he thought she was dirty. Seeing that Florence suddenly became so down, Ernest frowned more deeply. Reaching out, he pressed her shoulders and glinted at her. “Don’t be afraid, Florence. I’ll never let such kind of thing happen. I’ll protect you. ”Florence looked at him in a daze. Staring at Ernest’s solemn face, she couldn’t understand him at all. She couldn’t figure out what was in his mind, and nor could she figure out what he was thinking about. Her voice was quite low. “Before Collin has done such a thing, I’m already dirty. ”That night, she lost her virginity to an unknown man. Although she lived in an open era and virginity wasn’t that important, the man in front of her was too noble. His social status was so high that she always felt that he was untouchable. He was so elegant that she dare not to stain him a bit. In front of him, she couldn’t help but feel ashamed and guilty, and she was always humble. Even the best woman couldn’t deserve this man, let alone with herself who had that kind of dark history. Ernest was taken aback for a moment. He never expected that Florence would say that words. She looked down, and her eyelashes kept trembling, emanating depression all over her body. At this moment, she looked so humble as dusty on the ground.